The Stranger Who Broke My Heart

When my daughter tells me she has the day off and the weather is good, I pack in no time, jump in the car and head to Newport.  She and I sit at the beach, relax in the off-shore breeze and just chat.  Our routine always includes a long walk (or two) while we comb the sand looking for sea glass. 

 It cannot be just any sea glass, mind you.  Angel is particular about his collection.  It must be well-worn, have rounded edges (no rough stuff for him!!) and be GLASS...not ceramic, not pottery, not plastic and not a shell.  This he has embedded in my head.

Anyway, wandering along the shore, our eyes scanning side to side, I spotted HIM...

the stranger who stole my heart

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Candy C. said…
What a cutie-pie! :)
E. Beth. said…
you had me going there for a moment. you silly one ...

so cute. ( :
Jeanne said…
Such a cutie, and no wonder he stole your heart!
Ann said…
He's a cutie alright. I bet he steals a lot of hearts
He would have stolen mine too--You just want to take him home or at least buy him an ice cream!
How nice that you can spend time with your daughter and catch up.
What do they do with the glass!
poor little fellow.. hope he wasnt lost.!
a beautiful beach at Newport.
happy weekend JP
Rain said…
He's beautiful. ............. Rain :)

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