Wireless Memories

When I was in Florida, there was no access to the internet unless I went to the local library, a one room musty place where the librarian sat in front at an old desk. I didn't want to make my sister feel bad about not having access so other than my phone, all my "toys" remained home. Going without made me realize how lucky I am, making me feel grateful for the life I have. It also made me concentrate more on the present and what was going on at the time.

Packing six books for Sis along with ten DVDs, I was sure that she would be occupied. It was me that I was concerned about because I'm not much of a sitter, of you know what I mean. I move...a lot. And although Sis and I are both Capricorns, she can sit still. Don't get me wrong though because if you put her outside to do yard work, she'll give any man a run for his money. The Pres has French said to me, "She works like a man!"

This is what kept me busy. This little thing and hanging out with Sis!

Is anyone out there old enough to remember these?
I used to have one as a kid.
Made of plastic, it was always tucked in my jean pocket.


Mary said…
We had one of these in the travel bag in the back of the station wagon -- it was plastic as well and brightly colored. Not sure I ever solved it! :)
Anonymous said…
I sure do remember those.
MadSnapper said…
i remember them, and wow a vacation with no internet.. yowsa... i am not sure i would know what to do. with the kindle i could read but not all the time. I did not get internet until 2002 and now i can't remember being without it...
Ann said…
I would have a tough time going too long without my electronic gadgets and I don't sit still well at all.
I do remember those and I used to have one too
Mimsie said…
Not sure we in Australia ever had those or I think I'd remember them.
I've had a computer and been on the internet for about 5 years ago and being unable to go out much it is now my contact with the outside world. Without out I would be completely lost.

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