Breaking the Routine

Last Wednesday, rather than heading to the gym, my SIL and I decided to meet and do some shopping at a nearby Christmas Tree Shop in Manchester.

 Arriving shortly after they opened, we wandered through the isles for three hours!!  Leaving a tad poorer, we packed our treasures in our respective trunks and headed to a local restaurant for lunch. It was there we hooked up with my BIL who works nearby.  It was neat to get together with the Pres' siblings especially in light of the fact that we will soon begin to disburse some of Mom's things.  The house they grew up in will be put on the market soon.

My drive home was more contemplative than usual as I thought about things we discussed and before I knew it, I was home.

The Pres watched as I brought in the bags then remarked, "You bought more crap.  It looks like you had fun!"

"Honey, I bought a new boot tray, a cocoa door mat, ground flax seed, cupcake liners, two ceramic servers to hold dip, a cupcake serving tray and this adorable little bird house."

I don't think my treasures were crap. Do you?

Well, maybe they were because
when the Pres was carrying the birdhouse over to hang it, the little metal hook fell onto the ground among the leaves!  But don't worry  it only took us twenty minutes to find it...LOL!

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gld said…
I love the bird house! Men just feel they must make the obligatory comment.....and they never disappoint.
Anonymous said…
Give it another ten or fifteen years when you are trying to downsize and you will ask the age old question.."why in heavens name did I buy this thing" lol.
It's nearly impossible to get out of a Christmas Tree store without buying a few things...sort of like when we go to one of the larger Dollar Tree stores. No, I don't thing you bought a lot of crap, just some fun and useful stuff.
Good luck with the upcoming task at your late MIL home, which will surely be bittersweet. We will be in RI and CT the first full week in Nov and hope we can get together, even if we meet someplace when you need a break.
mail4rosey said…
Nope! I think your treasures were great, especially the cute birdhouse!

I'm visiting today from Thursday's Favorite Things. :)
Ann said…
That sounds like something my husband would
What great fun, and I love your treasures--But had to grin at what the Pres said, I think I've heard that myself a time or two! :-)
Louise-Arden said…
LOL! That is cute... I think you found some awesome treasures :)

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