Camera for My Critters

My old Nikon (P & S) finally died.  That's the one that I dropped in the snow last Winter.  That's the one that I dropped on the garage floor and cracked the flash door.  I LOVED it so!  But, it's gotten very temperamental and at the wrong times.

   So I bought another Nikon (P & S)...very inexpensive.  It's smaller and lighter with 16MP and a 12x zoom rather than 10.  It also has WiFi .  Needless to say, I had to take a few practice shots.  

The dogs are so cute.  When I come outside with a camera in my hand, Moon comes over and sits in front of me UNTIL I TAKE HER PICTURE!!!

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TexWisGirl said…
cute babies. :) congrats on the new cam!
MTWaggin said…
Congrats on the new camera. I had a coolpix too before till it died. With the smart phone couldn't justify replacing it.
Anonymous said…
I love that she wants her photo taken. Mine have to be conned into looking at the lens.
Ann said…
I discovered that my point and shoot isn't working so well any more. I may need to get a new one too.
Have fun playing with yours
Mimsie said…
It's difficult to say goodbye when old friends, like you camera, die but it happens. I wish I could get a photo of our cat. As soon as I press the button to turn the camera on she scarpers even if she can't see the camera. There's obviously a sound beyond human ears but she hears it every time. Fortunately my daughter took a lovely photo a few years ago and I guess we'll have to be satisfied with that one.
Our photos said…
Beautiful dogs photos!
Greetings, RW & SK

Anonymous said…
Adorable 'fur persons' and wonderful shots with your new camera ~ happy week to you ~ carol ^_^
Getting a new camera is always fun, JP, as we well know cause Grenville and myself had a great time with the Nikons we bought right before our Niagara Falls adventure. And the small P&S models are so handy and easy to take along as you also know. Looking forward to lots more photos, especially too of Moon & Copper.

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