Good Medicine

I am recovering from a sinus infection...finally!  It began with my typical ear ache for a few days but I refused to give in.  Reading somewhere that if your are congested or have lower body aches pains, upset stomach or loose poopies to avoid the gym and excising.  However, ailments form the head up did not fall into the "avoid the gym" category so off I went.

The pressure I felt in my left cheekbone seemed to increase as I draped over the lower back machine but I was good as I moved on to the abdominal crunch.  I drank all my water like a good little girl and even ate my Cliff bar on the way home (they are great for replenishing the carbs and protein post workout).

However, after I changed and ate lunch, I found myself flopping on the old well-worn wooden bench outside with my book.  Moon lay to my left and Copper, a little farther out, sprawled out on the grass.  My energy was gone.  I was in total rest mode until Moon's barking broke the silence.

Looking up at her, I saw her looking towards the sky.  Following her gaze and looking up about 30 feet, one of the immature eagles sailed right toward us and over the peak of our roof.  Moon was just telling it to leave Mommy alone she doesn't feel well.

One more thing.  Good medicine also includes:

Netti pot
Hot showers 
Rice bag


Anonymous said…
Good medicine also includes massaging your feet along the base of your toes (firmly). Reflexology says that line across the base of your toes relates to your sinuses. I know it sounds silly but it really does seem to help.
Nancy C said…
Dealing with a sinus headache this a.m. as well -- hot wash clothes and hot coffee seem to help me.
Chatty Crone said…
Glad you feel better! I have a stuffy nose a lot of the time. Grandson has one today - we are allergic to whatever is going on out there now. sandie
MadSnapper said…
i do so hate the dreaded sinus infection, how the head being infected can effect the whole body is beyond my scope. you were brave to exercise on. i lay in bed with my kindle
Anonymous said…
I'll second the motion for sinus wash.. it makes a huge difference for me too!
Ann said…
Well it sounds like Moon is taking very good care of you. Feel better soon

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