Love "Pays" Off

Seeds make plants (if you're lucky!).  Plants make roots.  In September when it was three months since we lost my MIL, I sprinkled seeds from one of her plants.  My SIL had gone to the house and done some work in her yard and while there, she filled a zip-lock bag with seed for me from Mom's Silver Dollar Plant.

I sprinkled it EVERYWHERE in the each small bed and up on my stonewall as well.  Working them into the rich forest soil then placing a layer of top soil as a cover, I watered them tenderly for a few days.  The love paid off!  Mama would be smiling because I have these little seedlings everywhere now...:)

Sharing the love with you and


So so true.. JP:
I have just come in from watering.. I planted seeds all around where I buried my dear Lady doggie..and I can see some popping their heads through..
Love pays off with everything..
your MIL..will be looking down..and be happy.
val xx
Anonymous said…
We grew these for a few years and actually sold branches of it to the flower shops around town. One tiny little strip of land netted us $150 the first year. They are a lot of work as you have to stake them and clear off the coverings on the seed heads but they are so pretty. If memory serves, they are second year year you just have plants, second year you get your silver dollars.
You have such a green thumb!
Ann said…
that's awesome. I don't think it would have worked for me I'm not much of a gardener
gld said…
Sweet tribute to your MIL. I grow them too and they self seed everywhere. You will probably never have to plant them again.
Now you will have lasting memories of your MIL every time you walk around the yard.
Rain said…
These types of love flowers are the best of my gardens!

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