Memories Are Made of This

Going to the house was emotional for me. She was the mother I never had. I respected and loved her beyond words. Last Sunday was the first visit to Mom's house since she passed away. It's been four months and there is not a day that goes by that I don't think of her and/or say out loud, "Mama, Mama, Mama." Whether I'm baking, cooking, cleaning, walking around our yard or watching her favorite Cardinals, those words are muttered from from lips.

And once again, I found myself mumbling those words as I wandered through the house filled with memories.  Now nearly empty with the exception of the furniture used to stage the house, the realization hit me.  SHE was gone. 

Although she had wanted the house to stay in the family, it will be put on the market as all of us are comfortable in our homes and the family feels it will sell since there have already been inquiries by interested buyers and that, although rural, it is in a prime location in an old Connecticut town.  

After we selected a few things for sentimental reasons and loaded the truck, I just had to walk around the yard one more time. Knowing it would probably be my last time, tears filled my eyes as I entered the back yard.  The Pres and I got married in Mom's gazebo on the Fourth of July way back when.   And I'm sure those emotional moments are what prompted me to go back in the house and take the small facsimile of the gazebo Mom kept on her screen porch.

Deciding to hunt for seed from her now spent perennials, I stopped to dig some Forget-Me-Nots.  While kneeling on the ground, the youngest of my BILs suggested that we did the bright red Dahlias near Dad's flower garden.   And so the Pres got out the shovel and dug. We will think of Mom and Dad when they bloom each year.

A few days later...

Mama's jelly cupboard was re-painted and put to good use. It now holds some of my favorite things...all my baking supplies.

Mama's Jelly Cupboard

Oh, and the gazebo? 
 This past week I purchased people for it. 

 To Mom, family meant everything.
All things "Mom" will be cherished forever.

Sharing what makes memories with you and

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gld said…
This was a wonderful tribute to her.

I have been meaning to tell you your header picture is the epitome of a fall scene! Don't you feel blessed to live there.
What a sweet gazebo with the people. And if anyone can keep her memory alive by bringing back her flowers year after year, it's you!
Anonymous said…
So hard to lose the one's you love...thank God for memories.
Nancy C said…
How sweet -- my MIL is still with us, but there will be a deep void in my heart when she passes -- hopefully many years from now. xo
E. Beth. said…
tough. i feel 4 u. big big hugs. ( :
Anonymous said…
Sweet, cute house. Someone will snap it up in a hurry. xox.
Inger said…
I'm so sorry, I didn't know. This is a beautiful tribute to her, full of love, respect, and good memories.
Tiggeriffic said…
My mom and dad are passed and somedays it's hard.. Went back to Ohio in August and it was hard to see the house I grew up in and not be able to go inside ever again. So I knocked on the door and introduced myself and low in behold they invited me in...:) Lots of changes (which is O.K.) we visited for awhile and I asked them if I could find a seedling of a tulip tree? We went outside and found a small one.. I brought it home and it's doing good. Someday I'll transplant it into the ground when it gets bigger and every time I see it I'll think of my Mom and Dad..I had such great parents..and I am so grateful for their Godly ways and teaching me how to Love God too..
Have a tiggeriffic day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)
Tiggeriffic said…
I was going to say How Much I love the Gazebo...That is such a sweet piece with all the family inside.. Cozy and loving...that is what family is to me.
ta ta for now from Iowa..:)
Your header on your blog is worthy of the cover of a magazine. OR to be framed and put on the wall. It's just beautiful.
Your memories of this woman who was the mother you never had, were very touching. She sounds wonderful and very, very loved.
Much love,
Ann said…
that gazebo is so sweet and the jelly cupboard is awesome.
Those flowers will be a sweet reminder every year when they bloom in your garden. It will be like she's coming to visit you in the garden
Ann said…
that gazebo is so sweet and the jelly cupboard is awesome.
Those flowers will be a sweet reminder every year when they bloom in your garden. It will be like she's coming to visit you in the garden
Mimsie said…
Thank you so much for sharing thoughts right from your heart. My adoptive mum left this mortal coil back in 1985 and I miss her still. I have tiny violets that come up every year all over the garden and in pots and they originally came from my mum's garden. She still lives with me in those lovely little violets.
A sweet tribute to your MIL and it's apparent how loved she was by all, JP. She lives on in your memories and that's the best tribute of a life well lived and loved. The jelly cabinet and mini gazebo will keep her near.
MadSnapper said…
beautiful memories, and the jelly cabinet is beautiful and perfect for where you put it.

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