My Get Away

Yep, this is what life is like
 in my neck of the woods
 when I need to get away.

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Oh I love your "neck of the woods" it is truly beautiful. B
Anonymous said…
We are blessed . Too bad it can not stay longer . The colors are Gods master pieces.All we do is with our cameras.

I love the fall when we have this.
It's a beautiful spot for anyone to get away too!!
Carletta said…
LOVE your header!
Beautiful shots of the fall color and terrific reflections.
MadSnapper said…
AWESOME! the photos and the place... you are truly blessed to be close to all this beauty
Mimsie said…
I so wish we 'had' autumn in Perth. We seldom see deciduous with their beautiful colours are most of those grown her are evergreen. Hubby and I spent two wonderful holidays in New Zealand and the one during autumn showed me just how beautiful the change of season can be.....thanks for sharing those delightful photos.
Unknown said…
Stunning place! You're lucky!! ;)
Please save some of that beautiful color for when we are visiting the first week in Nov. We will stop in RI first and then head to New London and hope to enjoy some New England fall weather. Your photos are beautiful to see.
Anonymous said…
Gorgeous!! Love the reflections on the lake. :)
Laura said…
Me too, nothing like getting outdoors to enjoy the season. Beautiful photo series!
Ann said…
so pretty. that reflection is gorgeous.
Ed said…
Excellent pics..:-)

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