Our First Flame

Holy moose~poops, I haven't been on my laptop in a week to read...to write!  It's been such a busy week for us which began simply enough on a Friday night.  We enjoyed our first flame.

It began with the Pres using his boy scout ax, which I never even knew he had!  It's so cute and made slicing and dicing some kindling easy peasy.

As the pile of wood lay near the chimnea, Copper moved in for the kill.  I mean this boy loves sticks of any shape and size.  There he stood watching the Pres wondering if he could sneak one without him knowing it...LOL!!

You can just barely see two pieces of wood near his front paws as he hovers over his treasures, now relocated to the left of the patio.

There we sat, in front of our first flame, a drink in hand, as the dogs sprawled out on the grass enjoying our company and attention.

It was a great way to wind down and prepare for the upcoming week.


Anonymous said…
That looks like fun, sitting by an outdoor fire.

Izzy is a lover of sticks too, and with the construction going on for our deck, well.. you can just about guess what she's been doing lately. There's a whole pile of short pieces and she sneaks away with one whenever possible... LOL
TexWisGirl said…
copper - so cute! :)
Ann said…
I would love to have one of those. Nothing better than sitting by a nice little fire
Lucky for him there are many sticks in the world.

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