Random 5 Friday

Fall arrived here in the northeast over the past few weeks. With cool mornings and warm, sunny afternoons, it's been great. Taking the blankets out of the linen closet when the cooler evenings rolled in, I noticed a large cardboard box.

I've been so focused on my sister, I've let things slide.  When she calls she needs someone to listen...that's my job...to listen and cheer her on!  Last Friday she shaved her hair off.    

But hmmmm. I wonder what's in there, I said to myself.  
Knowing that the box had been there for a year at least...maybe close to two...immediately I said to myself, If I haven't used it in a year, it's going, (which is the motto I try to stick with). Lifting the edge of the box and folding it back, I smiled.

Then I felt old.  Knowing that this happened made me really wonder if I'm beginning to loose it by becoming forgetful.  I'm the one who remembers everything for the Pres and I so this was rough for me.

I know you want to know what I found so I'll tell you tomorrow as long as I remember!

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E. Beth. said…
i thank you for being her cheerleader. you are a wonderful, kind, & ultra super sister. you both are so lucky to have one another.

big big hugs, my friend. have a wonderful weekend. it is so rainy here in VA. guess we need it but i need a bit of sunshine every once in a while. ( :
Willow said…
Very loving and supportive sister you are , I am sure she totally appreciates and needs that .
hmm, now for the box ~ love a cliffhanger !
Anonymous said…
So wonderful that you are her sounding board. Her dear sister you are.

Listen and talk to her.

Makes all things feel much better

when she has your loving, caring support.

Rain said…
Oh JP ..... I don't know ur sister... But so glad you are there for her... Can feel your love and strength going thru to her and she can too...... My autumn will be coming next week when I head home to Maine from this month in Fla....

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