Random 5 Friday

Moon has a limp.  She came barreling down the hill and around the corner.  I saw her front paw slip on the hillside and go out from under her.  We've been taking it easy...nothing broken.  I had a little ace on her for comfort.  Poor little thing.

My daughter and Angel return from Aruba this weekend...can't wait to hear about their trip.  They go to Aruba twice a year...every year!

Going to my MIL's house for the first time since her death this past weekend was emotional for me.  I lost it and went off to be by myself.  Even though all her stuff was there, she wasn't.  I am just a hopeless romantic.  Good thing the Pres had those big shoulders he carries around with him!

Although I had a sinus infection I went kayaking again this week.  The air was as crisp as the apples are now!  Sure am glad I had my neoprene gloves...burrrr....arthritis really kicks when it's chilly.  Did I tell you that I take Krill Oil ever since I won it in one of Nancy's give-a-ways?  Awesome stuff. 

Sis is doing great.  Her third chemo is scheduled for Nov 1st.  The change in medication really helped her tremendously...please GOD, continue to take care of her. 

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Hoping for her fast recovery..
Glad to hear your sis is doing better.

I hope Moon's paw heals soon!
E. Beth. said…
do you ever use a neti pot? they work wonder on your nose/sinuses. i have had sinus infections as a kid. so i know it still helps today. ( :

feel better.
Anonymous said…
Fingers crossed for a smooth recovery.
Oh I do send all my prayers to your sister. Take care.hug B
Latane Barton said…
Hope your sister is doing better. I will say an extra prayer for her.
Snap said…
Hope things continue to go well for your sister .. chemo is no fun. Poor Moon -- hope her paw is much better. I take Krill oil, too ... wonderful stuff. have a delightful week.
Rose said…
I hope all goes well for your sis...and sorry Moon has a limp. Hope she heals quickly, too.
TexWisGirl said…
poor moon. aches when the weather changes - i'm getting those a bit, too. :)
diane said…
Hoping your sister's health returns ...
Poor Moon :-(
Stay toasty!
Glad you are feeling better, JP, and hope Moon is soon as well. Nice to read the great news about your sister. I can understand your sadness.
Ann said…
thoughts and prayers for your sister.
Duke says he's doing the same for Moon :)
MadSnapper said…
oh poor sweet Moon, hope all will be well quickly.. and it is hard going back to the home of a loved one, when Mother died, even though daddy was still there, it was difficult going back to visit him. I pray Nancy will respond to the chemo and be healed. have not heard of krill oil. will look it up. bob and I are having achy fingers and joints because of the weather change, just to a cool 60 form 90's but it still makes them hurt
Nancy C said…
Such a worry when the pups develop a limp -- hope it's nothing serious.

Glad the Krill Oil is working for you!

Keeping your sis in my thoughts. xo
Rain said…
Hope moon is better soon! I tried the krill and burped it up and nearly died-well a little melodramatic but it was terrible!! Prayers for your sister :)

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