Random Friday

Sis is doing great this week.  The chemo's negative side effects lasted about four days and this week she is back to her old self!  Do you know how hard it is for someone who lives in rural America to get a ride to and from chemo???  Even American Cancer Society "doesn't go out that far"!  Really?????  Such a sin...a travesty...in this day and age!

I was terribly worried about my Jennifer and Angel's cat, C.A.T., but after his annual visit to the vet the thirteen year old, seventeen pound, handsome boy is home doing fine.  I guess I should mention Choo-Choo too, a younger male they rescued from the trash pilfering life he had as a kitten!  He got a good bill of health as well!

My DIL just found out her immune system is beating up her thyroid gland.  Seriously???  Something known as Hashimoto Disease?  Here's a link as an FYI...Mayo Clinic.  She's been through so many tests and to so many doctors to find out what's wrong.  Thank goodness it is treatable and her prognosis is good!

I spotted the ENTIRE FAMILY OF EAGLES for the first time soaring together!!  Flip pin' AWESOME!!!!  It was October 2nd and DEEP had told me they would be leaving he end of August!!!  Guess we showed them what good hospitality does!

Wow!  It's been a CRAZY week!  I'm exhausted from riding the emotional roller coaster!  Can't wait for the Pres and I to kick back this weekend.

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E. Beth. said…
wow, you do sound busy. you kick back big time. relax & chill. ( :
Nancy C said…
Great news about your sister JP!

Hope you can relax and revive this weekend.
Anonymous said…
Glad to hear your sister is hanging tough for you.
Willow said…
Get out in some of those natural settings and soak up the nature vibes for rejuvenation ~ so awesome you saw the eagles !
I too have Hashimotos and a few immune diseases that cluster with it on occasion , it can be very tricky at times.
Hootin' Anni said…
Eagles?!!! Wow, lucky you. I'm an avid birder.

Sounds like you're a very busy person...hope you find time to relax and enjoy a few hours of peace and quiet.

I'm new to Random 5 this week, and thought I'd try and get the gist of it all by paying you a visit!! Happy weekend.
MadSnapper said…
i do know about living rural, my best friend lives 1 hour from any and everything in the savannah area...
glad she is doing better and i pray she will heal and get better every day... enjoy your kick back
Snap said…
Hope you have a calm weekend. Eagles -- WOWOWOW! Lots medical going on in your family ... wishing everyone well ... including the furry ones!
Anonymous said…
Sending lots of healing Reiki hugs to you and all ~ wishing you a restful weekend ~ carol ^_^
Maggid said…
Your blog is a beautiful place to visit. Thank you.

Yep, i know about chemo - it will all turn out - it will be worth it -

And YES!!! I hope you enjoy a super pleasant - and restorative - weekend.

Happy Friday!
I just wanted to send you hugs. We all need them sometimes. B
Anonymous said…
So glad your Sister is do well with her chemo side effects. I wish I lived close enough to give her a ride.
You certainly have had more than your share worries lately.
Glad the Eagles came to brighten your crazy daze :>)

be well be happy :)
TexWisGirl said…
health issues and worries can take the pluck right out of you. glad your crew is hanging in there.
diane said…
Busy week ....
thanks for sharing your Random 5.
Now go and kick back!

Great news about your sis. I can't believe she's had such a hard time finding a ride though. Seems there would be some volunteer programs for that.
Ann said…
it sounds like you could use a vacation :)
Glad to read that your sister is responding better to the chemo treatments, JP. Living rural is NOT so wonderful when health care issues are concerned, which is yet another reason we want to relocate. A Canadian friend also has had issues with her thyroid, but unsure if it's the same diagnosis, only know she is getting radiation next week to do away with her thyroid. Hope you and Joe get to unwind over the weekend.
Rain said…
Wow sending healing thoughts!! I'm In North ft Myers fla for 2 wks- would be great if she were nearby- for a ride in from the willy Waks!! Just let me know- would love to help!
Rain :)
Latane Barton said…
I empathize with anyone taking chemo. It's tough stuff to deal with. Glad she is feeling better.

Have a great weekend..sit back and relax and enjoy life.

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