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So many changes in our society nowadays...some of them just frightening.  Our children not only learn fire drills but also drills for lock-down.  Adapting can be difficult for someone by age who grew up in a safer environment and sometimes even heart-wrenching until...

You got to hang out with your son for a few hours before you go to your grand-daughter's school to pick her up for the first time and so you know what to do.  "There's a routine, Mom, that you have to follow."

There we stood.  In the "common area" (aka the gymnasium) watching and waiting patiently as the classes filed through the doorway on the far side of the gym's shiny wood floor painted with the typical athletic flare.

Standing among the other parents who pick-up their kids, my son finally said, "Mom, there's Mia's teacher." 

Immediately my eyes focused on the woman in the doorway with the small children behind her and I smiled broadly when I spotted Mia, third in line.  Towering over everyone, my son waved and Mia smiled, waving back.  

And Nana?  Well, Nana couldn't contain herself.  She waved both arms above her head in sheer delight and pride as her smile consumed her face.  It was well received!  Mia began waving both arms too and with popping eyes and beaming smile shook her head side to side in excitement.

Once we got to the front of the line and stood before her teacher, out came the clip board to sign for Mia.  My son introduced me to her teacher as Mia handed her back-pack to her Dad and hugged me tightly, "Nana!"  It was then I told the teacher how I wanted to run across the floor and just hug her when I spotted her.  Her response, warm in tone, was, "And you could have done  that" as she smiled back at me.

"I didn't want to get in trouble so I waited like everyone else," I said

Listening to the conversation, Mia, said, "Oh Nana, you always have to follow the rules when you're in school.  You have to be good or you go to the
 the OFFICE."

With that we clasped each other's hand tightly and headed to the car.


Please try to stay out of trouble. I hate to think of Mia having to watch her Nana get sent to THE OFFICE.
gld said…
I am glad to see these rules in place considering the times we live in! Good for Mia's school.
Anonymous said…
Wonderful post ~ sad that we have to have so much protection for the children ~ Brave new world ~ Glad you didn't get 'sent to the office' ~ thanks, carol ^_^
Anonymous said…
We learn at an early age to be non thinking sheep.
MadSnapper said…
so in our society now, we have to be trained to pick up the children. but this is good news to that you know she is safe and can only be picked up by a designated person. sad and good news
Willow said…
Aww ~ good kids .
Ann said…
I'm picturing you and Mia waving both hands at each other across the gym. Things sure aren't like they were in the good old days are they
Mary said…
I'm such a rule follower -- for the most part. :)
Angela said…
I agree with Lisa! lol Try to contain yourself JP! You don't want to end up in the office with the principal! The schools around here do it different. Parents aren't allowed near the students anymore. First the kids who ride the bus will be taken to their buses and then the buses take off. The parents now have to drive around to the back of the school and a teacher comes out and writes down the order of the parents who are there to get their kids. They had to remodel to do this! Once the cars are parked the kids are released and then the next group comes out after the other parents drive on out of the way.

Yes! The world is changing big time. I seen on fb this morning that the hospital I have an appointment with tomorrow will be having a staged active shooting with the police and the works! I think I read it will be Wednesday and my appointment is Tuesday so hopefully I won't get in the middle of that!

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