Watching Bones

One of the programs the Pres and I watch is the weekly series Bones.  Initially, I wasn't really impressed with it.  However it has become one of my favorites.  I really wished I had Temperance Brennan at my side when I ventured in the woods and found this wide assortment of...


Jaw Bones
Shoulder Blades

And where is my buddy Laura from Forest Walk Art when I need her?????

Eagles are hungry buggers, aren't they?
They're primary diet is fish.
These are mere snacks!

Sharing my finds with you and 


Anonymous said…
We LOVED Bones. Temperance is such a crack up the way she takes everything so literally. LOL
TexWisGirl said…
yes! we need some bone doodles, stat!
Willow said…
When we walk the woods my Mountain Man can identify all the bones we come across ~ thank goodness none are ever human ! BOO it is October after all lol
MorningAJ said…
I love Bones. Though the programmes are not really like the books.
I have read the books but never seen the show.
Ann said…
I occasionally will watch Bones when I can't find anything else on but it's not one of my favorites

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