Can I...?

The last time my son, DIL and Mia came to visit, we had an agenda. 

Meanwhile I planned on bagels and creme cheese when they arrived which worked out well and for lunch, we had a nice Caesar Salad, chicken cutlets and lasagna. Cupcakes had to be were boxed and taken home since they were too full...LOL!

Mia had been playing with her usual favorites items while we got lunch ready. Walking into the kitchen and looking at the selection of food, said, " I would like lasagna, chicken and potato puffs please."

Good thing I had heated about about fifteen potato puffs...just in go with the chicken...because you know how little ones are.

Much to our surprise she returned to the island and said, "Nana, your lasagna is excellent," which made me even happier than I was already.  

However, the best and cutest thing of all was when they were getting ready to leave.
My DIL came out of the bathroom and said, "Mia would like to talk to you in private in the bathroom."

Heading to the bathroom I thought,  this is a first.  I wonder what she wants to see me about.

Can you figure out what it was that she wanted to take home?

Here's a pic of Mia...just to get your thought process working.  
She is definitely MY MUSE this week!

Tuesday Muse


Oh what a cutie! Did she get into your makeup?! That's what my oldest grand always does.
Maybe she wanted some extra hugs or kisses. Either that .... or all the cupcakes! ;-)
Bee Lady said…
I don't know what she wanted, but I bet whatever it was, she got! Something girly, I suppose.

Cindy Bee
Anonymous said…
Running frantically through my mind as to what you would have in your bathroom that would fascinate a four year old (she's a beauty by the way). Maybe you tossed out an empty container of something she liked the looks of? Or maybe....she wanted to take home seconds of dinner?
Inger said…
I have no idea what she may have wanted, but one thing I know for sure: JP, you are so loved and it is so sweet to read about it.

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