Help Wanted

Anyone out there know anything about the reputation of FEEDSPOT?

I keep getting emails to use them for my RSS feeds...."a fast modern Rss reader"

Any insight would be appreciated...:)

Presently I am using Feedly. However, I found that I am not getting everyone's posts so I return to go old Blogger which takes me right tot he site whereas with Feedly it seems to be more steps. I also see that many are using Bloglovin'.




TexWisGirl said…
i use feedly and am okay with it. lots of folks like bloglovin.

i got those promos for feedspot. i ignored them since i'm happy w/ feedly.
MadSnapper said…
i like feedly and have no problems with it. i do know there are a lot that love bloglovin. i got an email about this new one, but just deleted it
Anonymous said…
I use both feedly and bloglovin. I don't know feedlot.
Mimsie said…
I know nothing of any of these but then I'm an amateur when it comes to that type of thing so sorry, but I am no help to you at all.
I just found your blog - You have a beautiful view and those sunsets! WOW I have no words. I would never get anything done. Thanks for your hard work. I just started blogging a month or so ago. You are an inspiration.
Ann said…
I used feedly and I did have a couple blogs that weren't coming through. For one I just subscribed by email and the other it was due to his google + settings which he's changed
Ann said…
I forgot to say I've never heard of feedspot

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