Just a Half Pint

At the age of almost five, Mia proved to be quite the helper when I babysat last leek. Asking me if, when I came to sleep over, I would bring my baking supplies and the ingredients to make one of her and her mom's favorites..pumpkin chocolate chip cookies..was a treat for me too!

Although the mixing was a joint venture, I manned the oven work and Mia was responsible to transfer the cooled cookies neatly and carefully from the rack to the containers.

Ending up with close to six dozen, she and I felt that if we both ate one it would be okay. They were yummy too! When her Mom stopped by before heading back to work, we gave her a dozen to share with her employees while Daddy had to wait until he got home that night.

We read her book, answered the questioned at the end then practiced her "sight" words as promised...words like

a, an, see, he, she, it, they, go, I, me, you, and, ap

Yes "ap" & "an"

Which then became

zap, cap, map, sap, tap, lap
man, can, ran, ban, Dan, tan, fan

(Mia, age 4 3/4)


Nina said…
These moments together are so precious ... I'm amazed how many cookies you baked together ... sharing the joy with so many (your daughters colleques must have been so happy getting to taste some :) And the rhyming and reading ... :)
Mary said…
You are an important teacher in Mia's life -- kudos grammy. :)
Anonymous said…
Must ask my grandson if he gets homework....I haven't heard my daughter mention it.
Anonymous said…
That's a whole lot of learning for a young little girl. Spelling is so very important in these times when everything is being abbreviated in the online world..
Bee Lady said…
Oh my gosh....reminds me of when I watched the boys and helped them with their homework. Every single day. UGH...I don't miss that!

Cindy Bee

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