Mistakes Happen

Unsure of exactly how this happened, when I discovered it among the pix, I thought it was rather cool.

Reflections and shadows of the "tubes" entering one side of the lake.

My original mission was to get the Heron that greeted me one morning as I pulled in to launch my kayak.

Sharing my mistakes with you and


MadSnapper said…
and this is a great mistake, i love photos that surprise me
Mary said…
Amazing what we don't see the first time around! :)
Inger said…
I love it when a photo shows me something I have no idea I took. Most of my best ones are like that. Great shot.
Some mistakes aren't that at all!

I hope you're doing well!!
Anonymous said…
Oh I like as mistakes can be a hardy look and great. Yours is. Love your whole blog background.

Is that your yard on large photo . It is beath taking photo.
Faye said…
I'm always thrilled when the camera lens "finds" something I didn't see. And I agree with Sparkle--your header is just an amazing shot. I hope this is your yard!
Anonymous said…
That is so cool!
MTWaggin said…
Boy you almost miss the heron. Fun shot and you can share those mistakes all day long!

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