Random 5 Friday

I hate to do this to you, but today my thoughts today are all about Sis.  She has her third chemo session today.  She prepared well and has been feeling strong.

Last week, she finally decided to have a port put in.  Reluctant at first, she made her appointment and arrangements to get a ride to and from the hospital.  That's what she told me anyway. 

Oh, Sis got a ride to and from the hospital out patient alright.  However, she drove herself to and from her friend's house which meant she drove herself thirty minutes home when she was instructed NOT to drive for 24 hrs!!!

After she let that slip out, I asked her to tell me the truth about transportation for today's chemo. Yep...she's driving herself!!

Sis, you are incorrigible.

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Mary said…
Gosh, JP, I wonder where she gets that (incorrigible stuff) from? :)
Her spirit and determination appear to be a family trait, JP. Hope all goes well with the latest treatment. Pat's aunt starts a new clinical trial today.
You gotta admire her independence though :-)
Hi. JP:
I can tell you, that sis of yours will pull through. She has determination. Well done for her.
wishing her well with this latest treatment.
god bless
val xx
Anonymous said…
That is one tough gal.
Oh I am so sorry your Sister has to go through this and is so stubborn. I do hope she gets someone to take her. My Brother did the same thing till we found out. Sending hugs to your sister and you. HUGS B
She sounds like a fighter. I'm sorry to hear that someone has cancer.
Karen said…
A strong and determined woman!
TexWisGirl said…
yes, i think hard-headedness runs in your family...
Nina said…
Such a strenght and determination!
Kim Stevens said…
I'm visiting from Random Five over at Nancy's . . . I'm so sorry that your sister is battling cancer. Sounds like she has some grit and is a strong woman and I wish you and your family the best.
Rose said…
I hope she asks for help if she really needs it. But I understand wanting to do stuff on her own, if she can.
diane said…
She sounds like a determined fighter .... So sorry for what she and you are going through.
You'll both be in my thoughts ... **hugs**
Latane Barton said…
Oh my gosh, that's not such a great idea. Hope your sis is careful with herself and with the car.
Ann said…
She's not a big head strong is she?....lol

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