Random 5 Friday

 I wanted to update you all about my Sister.  She had her third chemo session on the first of November and she did have the chills for five days, saying she just couldn't get warm.  However, since day six she has been mowing with the rider (which she loves!!!) and planning her Thanksgiving.  I love you Sis...keep up the tremendous work!

Today, although I am at the gym as you read this, I plan on being home early.  Why?  My OS (other son, the designer and builder of our home) is having a showing of the home he is almost done with and asked the Pres and I if he could (if they are nice people) bring them up to our house.  No question on my part...nice to meet potential neighbors...especially since I plan on doing more baking!  Nothing say welcome to the neighborhood better that oven aromas!!!

My kids really wanted me to make Chocolate Crunch Bars (that I got from a good friend down in VA). I haven't made them in years.  The reason?  Some of the ingredients are no longer available!  Don't you hate that?!!!  However, being the resourceful person that I am, I found the items via Amazon and should receive them by the 20th of November...in plenty of time for that special Christmas cookie surprise!!! After all, Christmas is all about love and all those good things that go with it...:)

The Pres' cough, after almost three weeks, is finally beginning to fade.  Thank goodness!  Perhaps now we can get some sleep!!!  

Oh and me?  I'm heading out to the gym for some cardio and strength training...:)


Nancy C said…
Sounds like a busy week JP -- glad to hear your Pres is getting rid of that horrible cold.
E. Beth. said…
glad to know that the hubby & i have been healthy so far this year ... fingers crossed that it does continue for a good long long time. ( :
I'm curious now - what ingredients are no longer around?

Glad the Pres is feeling better.
Oh I am so happy your sister found a driver she loves and that all is going well. I understand the worry when you cannot be right there.Hug
Happy to hear your cough is going. B
I meant his cough was going:) B
Monkeywrangler said…
Glad your sister is doing better. Also that Pres' cough is improving. I usually get a horrible cough once a winter, though it doesn't always confine itself to the winter months.

Have fun at the gym!

Inger said…
I wish your sister all the best, I know how worried you must be. Good that she's up and about on her rider. Good too that the cough is getting better and you staying in shape with your gym visits.
Anonymous said…
So glad your sister is handling her treatments well.
Rose said…
Are you going to share the recipe...it sounds interesting. I, too wonder about the ingredient that you couldn't find.
Tanya Breese said…
i think we all want to know what ingredients are no longer available lol
Ann said…
glad your sister is doing well.
It never fails, if there is a product I like, it will be discontinued
diane said…
Bless your sister! She sounds amazing!!
Sounds like an interesting recipe!
Have fun baking and filling the house with awesome aromas!

diane @ aug's blog

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