Random 5 Friday

It was pouring rain when Sis headed to the doctors last Friday.  She missed a turn, arriving just in the nick of time for her appointment.  Like me, Sis hates to be late. When done "bagging it," she said she felt awesome and drove herself home...a forty five minute ride.

This week was a busy one for the Pres and I.  Setting up the local firehouse the night before, he worked the polls as usual, pulling a fifteen hour day Tuesday.

Unable to do my duty at the polls, I did, for the first time in my life, fill out an absentee ballot.  We believe voting is a privilege.

Our routine was interrupted this week too by the cold that hovered around the Pres for over a week.  I wish he listened to me when the first symptoms appeared because he now has a cough that sounds terrible.

The aroma of chicken soup simmering on the stove Wednesday still lingers two days later.  We love chicken soup for what ails us. 


diane said…
God Bless your sister!!! She definitely sounds like one heck of a strong woman.
Sorry about the Pres' cold :-(
Home made chicken soup????
Do I need to catch a cold to have some? LOL
Have a wonderful weekend.
Chatty Crone said…
Hey - how is your sister these days?
Inger said…
I didn't know your sister is ill. I guess that's what happens when one takes a blogging vacation, one loses touch. I wish her all the best, and you and the Pres as well. Take care.
Anonymous said…
Chicken soup is the best.....cures what ails you.
Chicken soup cures any cold! I always make it for my boys when they get sick
Ann said…
I always have a craving for chicken soup when I'm not feeling well
Mary said…
I like your sis -- she's got spunk!

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