Random Friday

The house that OS is nearly done building sold this week.  Telling us that they were a nice young couple with a little boy, he was happy since it had only been listed a short time.  

We attended services for one of the Pres' aunts who passed away last week.  She was such a hard worker, living for 90 years and smiled all the time.  We have several yard ornaments that she gave us many, many years ago.  Auntie Francis, I will remember you for your smile and twinkling eyes.  You gave us much...:)

I came across a few more recipes I'd like to add to our Christmas cookie repertoire if time allows.  Two of them were my MIL's which the Pres SAID he would help me with...:)The total list is now up to twenty five varieties.

My sister has her fourth chemo today, so send thoughts and prayers her way...overnight, express, or air mail. Although still keeping the nausea at bay, she was chilly a little bit longer after the last treatment, so he doctor had her come in for blood-work.  Those results will be reviewed tomorrow along with a draw that was done Wednesday before her infusion.

Interesting how our old...ER minds can still learn and absorb words and meanings...things we know nothing about but are willing to learn for those we love.


Anonymous said…
Condolences on the loss of the Pres' Auntie and best wishes for your sister. Life does keep us busy doesn't it?
TexWisGirl said…
the pres' aunt lived a long life, but i am still sorry for your loss.
Pooja Mittal said…
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Keep in touch,
Inger said…
Living a long life with a smile is a blessing, indeed. I'm sorry for your and your hubby's loss.
Sorry about the Pres's aunt.

I hope your sis does well with treatment.

That's a lot of cookies, but if anyone can do it, you can!
Betty Manousos said…
stopping by to say hi and thanks so much for the follow. following right back!

i'm so sorry for your loss..and best wishes to your sister.

gld said…
I do hope it goes well for your sister!

Condolences on loosing the sweet Aunt...sounds like the Pres has lots of wonderful people in his family!

Be sure to post the new cookie recipes...I did a new one today, Chocolate Chip Oatmeal from King Arthur.

E. Beth. said…
cookie recipes ... oh that sounds fun!! ( :
diane said…
So sorry about the Pres' aunt ... and what a trouper your sister is!!! Gosh I hope things go well for her.
Cookies...cookies and more cookies :-D

Enjoy the weekend.
Diane @ aug's blog
Our condolences to you and Joe. Nice to have such happy memories of his aunt. Good news about your sister. The cookie recipes all sound so delicious.
Veronica Roth said…
So sorry for your loss and definitely sending the best and warmest wishes and prayers to your daughter. :)

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