Register 3: CLOSED

Walking into the Marshall's I had a mission. I was there to pick up more coated hangers for my closet. I have fallen in love with them because they prevent my clothes from slipping off.   Boy, did I luck out. A pack of twenty five and a pack of eighteen were on clearance!  Since they were in my grasp quickly, I headed to the registers.

There I stood waiting in line like everyone else until I heard, "Register 3. Please proceed to Register 3."

Placing the hangers on the counter, the woman looked up and as she told me what I owed her, she said, "Did you ever work in a bank?"

Nodding and smiling at her, "Yes, I did."

"Is your name JP?'


Shutting the light on her register, she smiled broadly.  "You look the same  JP!  You haven't changed at all."

My mind, although slowing with age, quickly recalled her voice. (I'm very good at voices!)  She worked in my branch when I was an Assistant Manager.  Holy moose-poops that was back in 1985!

After chatting for about fifteen minutes but before I left, I told her that I was surprised she remembered me to which she replied,
"JP, everyone remembers the good ones."

Darn, seeing Lynn made me feel like the Grinch as I walked to my car.
My heart grew three sizes that day!


Anonymous said…
Lovely to be remembered for all the right reasons.
Oh "JP, everyone remembers the good ones" that is so true I love your story. B
Ashling said…
What a lovely affirmation!
Candy C. said… SWEET!! :)
Meryl Baer said…
What a great compliment. That would put a smile on anyone's face all day - maybe all week!
Another confirmation that when you treat people nicely, they will remember you for all the right reasons, JP.
Ann said…
aw, what a way to pass on sunshine. I can imagine how good that made you feel
That is really cool, and shows what a small world it is!!!
Chatty Crone said…
That has to make you feel so good!
Talk about having your day made! I'm glad you liked the purple in my texture challenge - it was fun playing around.

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