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The beauty that surrounded me on that cold, crisp morning was breathtaking.  Knowing that I would be "hanging it up for the season" made me appreciate the day more than ever.  The chill in the air made me put on my neoprene gloves and inhaling deeply I paddled along embracing each stroke.

Heading Out

Heading In

Winding down and returning after my three hour excursion, the warmer mid-day sun wrapped it's arms around me as my hands, now exposed to the sunlight, felt the heat penetrate my bones.  

Warm is good.

  Warm is heading home. 


Jeanne said…
Beautiful shots, and soon, that lovely scene will be filled with snow!
Anonymous said…
The warmth of an autumn day.... nothing nicer. xox
Anonymous said…
Love that first shot with the trail of sparkling water.
MadSnapper said…
such a beautiful lake, i spent a couple of seconds thinking why did she add that tepee in the corner with her name on it, finally realized it was the tip of the kayak
TexWisGirl said…
thanks for sharing.
Tiggeriffic said…
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Loved your kyacing pictures~! Wish I was there to go with you.. That would be such a peaceful ride..
ta ta for now...ta ta for now..
Looks like you had a great last outing, JP, and the fall color reflections are beautiful.
Gail said…
"Warm is heading home." I really like that.
Rain said…
Really really nice........
Nancy C said…
How relaxing... :)
Inger said…
Getting that kayak was such a good thing for you. And for us who get to enjoy the beauty of the water and the surrounding landscape.

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