A Cold Gray Day

Heading outside the other morning to give moon and Copper their food and water, I noticed that although chilly, it wasn't as cold as it had been.  Rounding the corner and approaching Copper's condo first, I could see something floating in his water bowl from a distance.  Immediately I thought it was a stray leaf that had somehow swirled in the recent winds and landed in his stainless bowl.

Nope.  Not a dead leaf folks.  I was wrong.
 The dark gray velvet furry creature floating face down bobbed as I lifted the bowl out of the feeding station and carried it across the yard toward the fence.   I t was a goner...poor little thing.  Yep, one less mole.  
(No pic....I didn't want to upset the squeamish.)

Then I wondered how it got up to the water bowl, other than scaling the feeding station itself.  It couldn't have jumped from the roof because there's an overhang.  Besides, I don't think it was suicidal!!  

Once I disposed of it over the fence and into the woods, it was life back to normal for the dogs and I.  We walked, wandered and then we headed in.

Oh, one more thing.
Did I tell you how much money the Pres spent on milky spore?

(Milky spore is an enzyme that once in the ground is consumed by grubs.  Moles love grubs.  I guess that milky stuff hasn't started to work yet.)


E. Beth. said…
have i ever told you i enjoy that you call me "Luv Muffin" makes me smile every time. thanks!! raining here in VA. suppose to be snow. silly weather man. i wish for snow. please?? ( :
Inger said…
Poor thing, mice will do that too. I guess we are lucky to not have moles here. We do have lots of ground squirrels and the only pest that goes into our veggie garden, the gopher. But they are easy to catch with traps and we usually only have to kill two each summer to get rid of them. They are all over, but they don't move around. JP I love your new header photo. It is so pretty.

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