A Mini Slope

Although the Pres plowed our driveway and the gravel road with the first significant snow, the thawing then single digit temperatures caused it to melt then become solid ice. Since the gravel road is sloped and I didn't feel like using the Mini Cooper as a sled, I stayed in.

However, the lack of physical activity at the gym compounded with the fact that Tai Chi has been cancelled twice, I am feeling "poopy." Being independent and cherishing my freedom, I feel like my wings have clipped and cannot wait to fly.

And that, my friends, will be on Thursday when I head to Newport to meet my daughter and former SIL/BIL for lunch. Looking forward to seeing them since it's been years...probably at least fifteen years so there will be a lot to catch up on.  After we have lunch with them, my daughter and I are planning on doing a little last minute shopping for "stuff."

Yeah!!!! Freedom on Thursday followed by Tai Chi that night, then the gym on Friday since the temps are expected to be significantly warmer and will hopefully melt the Mini's slope!


TexWisGirl said…
i hope the bird can flee the cage.
I'd be stir crazy too.

I made your coconut cake for Paul's work party!
Chatty Crone said…
Poor Frosty - he keeps coming and going all the time!
Ann said…
well since I'm not getting to this until Friday, I hope you had a great time
Jeanne said…
Hope your weather clears and that you do not have to sled down the slope in your car. Have a wonderful visit with your daughter! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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