All My Children

While at Mia's I became a mother of five....playing pretend that I was taking my children to the movies and needed to buy tickets and their names were:

Doc McStuffins
Baby Alive Can Walk (and Mia insisted that was her full name not just Baby                 Alive...LOL!)

So there I am holding all my children in my arms trying to reach into my purse to get out my pretend credit card when I accidentally hit "the button" on Doc McStuffins.  Scaring the crap out of me, she said something like, "Hi, I'm Doc Mc Stuffins and I take care of all the animals."  Cute, right?  That's what I thought until...

I inadvertently on purpose pressed "the button" again and out came the most wonderful words...

You're brave to ask for help.

Don't ever give up.  You can do it if you try.

So my lesson here was this....out of the mouths of babes (even if they are toys) can come invaluable words!  And most importantly hats off to the makers of Doc McStuffins & her sidekick, Lambie!!

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Anonymous said…
Those ARE good words for children to hear....and adults too.
Love that doll and what she stands for! Bravo to the toy company who designed her.

Mimsie said…
Out of the mouths of babes indeed. That doll is wiser than a lot of grown ups with her wonderful advice.

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