Does anyone out there know how to turn "auto-renew" on for your blog's domain?

If you see me drop off the radar soon, you'll know why.

I called and was told that Google is responsible for the renewal process.  Then I began trying to get into and once I sign in, I receive a message that says something like:

sign in with another account 



Oh I wish I could help but I have yet to slide my blog over to my own domain because I have no idea and have heard of others who had problems. Someone will know there is a lot of very smart people in our Blogland. Good luck. B
No idea either, JP, and was trying to think of a fellow blogger who also has his/her own domain name. If I do I will post again with their blog site. Perhaps someone reading your post will have a similar situation AND solution. Like the snowflake header.
Have you gotten any emails from them? Last time I know I went through their email they sent for access.
MadSnapper said…
i don't have a domain, but i checked and this is where i think you will find help. go to dashboard/the little wheel at top right/blogger help/administrative/custom domain. it is in there i think.
Inger said…
I hope you will find a solution. I'm sure the are not going to just let you disappear. I have no idea how to help.
Bee Lady said…
I wish I could help too. I Don't understand all of this stuff. If you have access to a ten year old they could probably help! I know it's a pain...and not funny....I'm not making light of the situation, I just know younger people are more helpful with this stuff.

Cindy Bee
E. Beth. said…
when you do figure it out ... please tell me ... because i will have to renew soon ... i think?! ( :
hoping it will work out ok & very smooth.

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