Hint, hint ~ My Favorite Cake

No, this is not a recipe.  This came right from the grocery store.  There are not many who truly care for it.  However, both my sister and I do.

We love fruticake.  The kind with all that citron, cherries and nuts in it.  Not the homemade kind made with just dates, walnuts and cherries.  The sticky kind.  The kind that comes wrapped in cellophane with an expiration date far into the future.  The rectangular kind.  This one was pre-sliced for me so I limited my slices per day to two.  Damn, this stuff is the bomb!!!!

Seeing it on the display in the grocery store, I grabbed one...only one.  Then when I got home and indulged in my first two moist slices, as I swallowed, I sent a text message to my kids:  "Hint, hint...Stop & Shop has fruitcake (which happens to be someone's favorite) and it's on SALE."


Hello JP:
I am back. lots of blogger hitches.. hope I can keep it all on track now.
I love fruit cake.. my mother used to make one a week.
I bet the kids brought you one !!
Always nice to treat ourselves to something we like.
thanks for your message.. glad to be back.
stay well.
love val x x x x x
Ed said…
Every year I order two fruitcakes for my dad from this place in Texas, its his favorite gift..:-)
Oh I LOVE your hint hint I do hope they got it:) I love fruitcake and could go for a slice right now homemade or bought makes no difference to me. B
MorningAJ said…
That looks positively yummy. (Though anything with cherries in gets my vote!)

MadSnapper said…
I love fruitcake and this kind is my favorite. i saw them at the store and talked myself out of it but by this time next week i will have bought one or two. my mother baked fruit cakes the week before thanksgiving, 5 of them and packed them away... she used so much candied fruit and pecans there was not much cake to it. my brothers wife can and does make them just like mother did and sends us one every year... there are more people who don't like them than do....
I love the famous Claxton fruit cakes! No one else does, so I buy one and nibble at it until it's gone :-)

Anonymous said…
We like fruitcake too....the dark stuff.
diane said…
Stop & Shop you say? ;-)
My husband LOVES fruitcake.
I just might have to pick one up for him!
diane @ aug's blog
Ann said…
I haven't had fruit cake in ages. I couldn't even tell you if I like it or not
Samantha said…
I have never HAD fruitcake!
Betty said…
I've never had fruit cake because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't like it. However, don't let me stop you from enjoying your cake!
Rain said…
It's the bomb alright!!!??!?!? A bomb!!! Never give me a fruitcake!!!! Haha-but loved your post!!
Chatty Crone said…
You like fruitcakes?????????????????????????????

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