It Came From the North (cont.)

Well, if you guessed a TURKEY, you were right!

How did I figure that out, you ask?

The day it happened, I went out to inspect the South side of the house and yard.  Much to my surprise, when I got out there, a turkey (a hen) was frantically running back and forth along the inside of the fence-line.  Scurrying back and forth, she finally turned toward the open, running though the snow across the small clearing and was airborne, sailing over the fence toward the woods to the North and freedom.

When I told the Pres about her, he thought she was the answer.  And that night, when I climbed into bed, I thought of using my camera to see the pattern on the roof.  Yep.  First thing in the morning...that's what I would do.

It all began to make sense as I extended the lens.  The imprints...the distance between them...the footprints and finally the proximity to the peak.

Then, of course, the well-trampled snow along the fence-line.

Thanks to my camera, zoom-er, the picture became clear.
The puzzle was solved.
A southbound turkey had hit our house!!

Has anything ever hit your house readers?


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Mimsie said…
How extraordinary. I didn't realise turkeys could fly but perhaps wild turkeys can. It must be fun to have that sort of safe excitement happen. Glad the turkey was OK after her adventure.
Hmm yes keep telling yourself turkey. But I have been hearing about a new type of alien that leaves turkey tracks.
Anonymous said…
No, thank goodness nothing has ever hit our house. We are on a bend though and have come close a couple of times with flying cars. Poor old turkey...her navigational system must have been off.
MadSnapper said…
this is amazing, the whole print of the turkey shows. i wonder why it hit the roof, maybe someone shot at it? i hope it is ok. someone here shot an arrow through a turkey buzzard and it went through the back of the neck and it is flying from tree to tree and wild life is trying to capture it. they said since it can fly with the arrow if they take the arrow out it will be ok....
Mary said…
... we did have a pheasant hit our windshield on a road trip to South Dakota once. :)
TexWisGirl said…
poor baby. we get birds of all sizes (hummingbird to cuckoo) crash into our windows. and i've had a hawk and a road runner land on our skylight in the center of the house.
Anonymous said…
Oh gosh I feel so sorry for her. Must have been completely frantic after landing on the house and then finding herself inside a fence.
MorningAJ said…
Bless. I never would have thought turkey! I hope she's OK now.
Tiffany said…
Wonderful pictures
Louisette said…
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E. Beth. said…
you really do have interesting times in your neck of the woods. wild. what will happen next? i am interested to see. i need a nickname for you ... you call me "luv muffin" ... what should i call you ... "sweetie cake"? ( :
eileeninmd said…
NO Turkeys hitting our house, yet! Happy New Years to you and your family!
Oh drat I read the answer part two first. How exciting I would love to see my turkeys again I have no idea where they went. I have had nothing cool like that thudding against our house but ice falling from the sky:) I love your neck of the woods:) Hug B
Ann said…
I guess that turkey was so happy that it didn't end up on someone's dinner table during the holidays that it got a bit carried away with the celebration. If she makes it through another year someone should have a talk with her about drinking and flying.
Nancy said…
Looks like she landed with a splat! The only thing on our roof lately was our cat. Thank goodness she managed to get down without me calling the fire department or Joe!
Pia said…
What an interesting post! I had never such a special guest on the roof.
oh my goodness!! Who would ever have thought that?

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