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Christmas was wonderful this year for us, as we spent more time with the Pres' brothers and sisters than we have in the past ten years.  We went to my BIL's Christmas Eve get together that he's been hosting for years. Now that my step daughters have grown families of their own, they too went to their Uncle's.  IT WAS GREAT TO HAVE THEM ALL IN ONE PLACE!!

Cookie giving was a success.  But guess what?  For the first time in twenty five years, SOMEONE GAVE ME cookies.  I was so excited to be on the receiving end!!  (Gosh, I hope that doesn't sound selfish)

Tomorrow is my birthday.  I am turning 66...gosh, that seems impossible because I don't feel that old.  My sister's birthday is also this month and being four years old than me meant we always shared a birthday cake when we were young.  

After spending only
 three nights in the hospital, Sis was allowed to go home last Friday. She was given a few units of blood and meds to help her WBC (white blood count) and hemoglobin
 rebound, giving her the go-ahead for her FINAL chemo treatment.

I cannot thank you all enough for your kind thoughts and prayers for her.  People who care   ARE the true meaning of Christmas.  Thank you...:)

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Nancy C said…
So glad to hear about your sister, JP -- a welcome Christmas gift I know.

Anonymous said…
She will be so glad when that final treatment is over...as will you I'm sure. So happy your Christmas went well for you.
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday JP from Pat and myself.
Both a dear friend and my oldest cousin (also same ages) SHARE birthdays with you. So now I have another to wish a wonderful year ahead. Hope you and Joe celebrate or continue the holiday celebrations which sounded like wonderful time together with family. Nice that you were on gthe receiving end of cookie giving, after all YOUR giving. Glad to read that your sister is doing better.
Happy New Year too!
TexWisGirl said…
happy birthday to both of you.
Tiggeriffic said…
Happy Birthday~! to you~! I'm singing it as I type so you can follow along.. Happy Birthday to You....Happy Birthday to youuuuuuu~~~~~~Happy Birthday To You ~!~!
Praying for you and your sister...
Your cookies looked wonderful...if I had your address I would of sent you cookies...
Have a Tiggeriffic Day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)
E. Beth. said…
Happy Birthday to you!! celebrate a whole bunch. ( :
Glad she got to go home.

Happy birthday! !!
Ann said…
Glad to hear you had a good Christmas and that your sister got to go home. Happy Birthday to you
Tomorrow is my birthday, also!! 64 here! Hope your day is great and that your (our) next trip around the sun is an AMAZING one!!!!!
Hope you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow!
Mimsie said…
It is now 28th December so all good wishes for a very happy birthday and a happy year.
So glad you had a wonderful Christmas. Ours was special too spent with our little family.
All the best to your sister for her final chemo treatment. Positive thoughts are with her.
Rambling Woods said…
Happy Birthday! ...... My cousin just finished his last cancer treatment.... I am sure your sister will be happy to get past it... I will keep her in my thoughts.... Michelle
Rain said…
Happy birthday to you and sister- continued prayers for her health! We just got power back last nite after six days -- wicked ice storm-but had a lovely Christmas also!!
Rain :)
gld said…
Happy Birthday! You don't look or act your age....that is a compliment. May you keep that spirit forever.

I do hope your Sis beats this horrible thing. She has lots of people in her corner praying for her. Tell her Happy Birthday from all of your Blogger friends.
eileeninmd said…
Happy Birthday to both you and your sister!! I will keep your Sis in my prayers.. Sounds like a lovely family Christmas gathering.. enjoy your cookies and have a happy weekend!

Wishing you all the best in 2014 and a Happy Healthy New Years!
Hootin' Anni said…
I didn't get here yesterday, but I'm reading it now....your post is filled with love and giving from your heart!! First happy Birthday. 2ndly, I would be elated to have cookies baked, fresh, and handed to me in a gift box too!!!

Happy New Year.

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