Snowflakes Everywhere

It began snowing here in Connecticut early this morning and has continued all day. 

 I love snow!

  I even wanted snow on my blog...:)
But I couldn't get the html code to work properly so I reached out to Diane (at Diane Cayton-Hakey) for help.  She is a genius when it comes to html code!!!
Because it's SNOWING!!!!

Snowflakes in the Distance

Snowflakes Heading North

Snowflakes on the Bench

Snowflakes on the Fence

Snowflakes on the Roof!

Snowflakes at the Front Door

Snowflakes in the Woods

And THE BEST OF ALL was....

The Face of Winter 

Do you see the face in this pic?  
The Pres told me it's OLD MAN WINTER,
although it does look like a child...
 perhaps because it's our first storm!

How cool is that?????


Diane and Mother Nature really are miracle workers, aren't they? The post is lovely, I love snow every where too, and today we got some (more) of our very own!
TexWisGirl said…
very cute. your blue home (and blue blog background) look good with snow.
Anonymous said…
Looks more like a child than old man winter to me.
Ann said…
wow, you are getting a lot of snow. That really does look like old man winter in that last one. Very cool
Your snowy home and yard are beautiful, and I like the falling snow on the blog. If it stays, you and I won't have to dream of a white Christmas. Pretty view of the tree lit up through the front window.
MadSnapper said…
don't see anything in the last photo, but i must say your blog is a beautiful winter wonderland and i don't have to put on winter clothes to enjoy it....
diane said…
That last shot ..... that is way cool ...... and creepy! LOL
Uh-oh! I am a New Englander and I do NOT like snow!!!! LOL
Stay toasty!
diane @ aug's blog
Jille said…
What beautiful photos you have posted. I love the snow but that is maybe because we don't have as much as you and ours doesn't stay white for long.

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