Thoughts Big and Small

Some of my thoughts are bigger than others this week and rightfully so.


It snowed again this week giving us another 5 inches for the dogs and I to romp in.  It is truly beautiful although rain is in the forecast for the weekend...:(

 My sister had her fifth chemo session last Friday and found out that her hemoglobin was low.  Although not low enough to prevent her chemo infusion, her doctor said she may need a transfusion.  On Tuesday, she had her follow-up appointment with the surgeon/oncologist at the Cancer institute in Alabama.  The 1 1/2 hour drive was too much and she got sick.  Her blood values were low and she was admitted through the ER.  Given only fluids via IV and to drink, then introducing solids, she had to stay over three nights.  Time will tell.  Her last chemo is scheduled for January 3.  Please, sis, hang in and stay strong!

Hooking up the trailer to the truck, we headed to our son's house on Wednesday.  We wanted to help him pick up a couple of tons of wood pellets.  

Hmmmm...let's talk cookies...I am done!  Hopefully everyone will enjoy them as much as I did making them and giving them away...:)  
If I were wealthy, I would do that year round.

Our new neighbors are in the process of moving in and yes, they were added to the cookie list.  In Virginia we used to drop off cookies to our all except "the ugly" ones.  I miss that and them so I'm glad we're getting a few neighbors.

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Jeanne said…
Sounds as if your days have been full. I know the snow must be absolutely beautiful. I remember growing up in the midwest how much I loved it, and walking out at night especially in a heavy snow. Just magic. Having lived in Texas though for so many years... I still love the snow, but a week of it is enough. Then I am ready for spring. Enjoy the beauty of it though... the quiet season.... Sorry that your sister is ill,know this is a big worry to you. My prayers will be with her! Hope that your christmas season is wonderful and filled with joy!
TexWisGirl said…
i hope your sis does okay...
Sending prayers to your sister for healing and well being -

I also gave cookies to neighbors this year, and jeez I wish I would stop picking at them! Not helping the diet! I'm sure all who receive your many different kinds are greatful.
Anonymous said…
Your sister has done well (amazingly so) so far and she is almost at the end.....heartfelt wishes for a successful result.
I hope your sister does well. I know it's a tough road. How wonderful that she has you for support. :-)

The cookies sound wonderful! That's a great gift to give, something homemade and delicious.
Ann said…
sending prayers for your sister
Sending thoughts and prayers for your sister. I sure hope they find a cure soon. Good job on the cookie baking!
E. Beth. said…
sorry i have to ask - why do you need wood pellets? for mulch or? ( :
Nancy C said…
...wondering if the last few chemo treatments are absolutely necessary? In any event, I'll be praying for her JP. xo
Nina said…
Keeping your sister in my prayers! Such a lovely tradition of cookie exchange :) Your new header and the snow falling here on the blog is beautiful!
eileeninmd said…
Sending my prayers for your Sis! The cookies tradition sounds nice! Enjoy your weekend!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!
I loved your cookies and cheese balls. Yum!
I hope your sis feels better.
Starry Dawn said…
diane said…
Awwww....God bless your sister! Sending positive thoughts.
Merry Christmas to you and your family!
diane @ aug's blog
Betty said…
I sure hope your sister feels OK for Christmas. Soon it will all be done...YEA! I'm sure she's looking forward to that day.

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