Through Snow, Sleet, Freezing Rain

Considering I'm as old as I am, I've never been to a "book signing," so when my best friend, Felix, emailed me to tell me of the event, I was excited and marked it in my calendar.  As the date drew near, I worried about our forecast for the day.  SNOW...the white stuff...6-9 inches was predicted.

Leaving earlier than planned, I arrived ahead of the nine o'clock opening being held at the Willington Public Library.

Watching various authors (I assume) come and go in the parking lot carrying in either boxes or totes filled with books, I sat totally immersed in their activity as the snow pelted my windshield and car.  (I love to observe people.  So much so that I could do it for a living...LOL!!)

Greeted by Feel's warm smile, he stood so we could exchange hugs.  I am a hugger and although he isn't a hugger by nature, I totally took advantage of the one he gave me...:)

Montana Harvest is his first novel in the Jim Buchanan Series.  I am so proud of him and the autographed copy I got for myself and my sister, of course.  
He wrote:  To JP, my best friend and #1 fan.

Available on Amazon and formatted for all you Kindle readers, this snapshot should give you an idea of it's content.  I've read some of the drafts that are slated for publishing in the near future and, trust me, if you like an extremely well~written mystery series, this is a must!

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Hi JP:
Love your new christmas header.
Boy it sure looks and sounds cold there.. I know you have heavy snow falls.
How exciting to go to a book signing. The book sounds good.
I will download it.. to read. My eldest grandson loves montana.. He was there for 6 weeks this year riding with the cowboys on a friends ranch. He will be back next year.
You are lucky..because the book you have , is a first edition.
Thank you JP. for all you comforting words.. I am has to go on.
Its difficult and strange..but as the weeks pass normality will come back.
happy days.. val
MadSnapper said…
i am with you on people watching. i can do that for hours. i love Malls and Walmart, any place there are people. my friend asked me to go to James Patterson book signing at his sisters GYM here in Bradenton. i said no... the next day they had photos of 3 blocks of people standing in line waiting... i said i told you so... did not think about i could have watched that line.
Anonymous said…
I have never been to a book signing either....hmmmm.
TexWisGirl said…
how great for your author friend.
Nancy C said…
Kudos to you for braving the weather to support your friend. Looks like a talented fellow! xo
How great that you were there for him! Sounds like a great book.
eileeninmd said…
How cool to be there for the book signing. I am sure your friend was happy to see your there. Have a happy weekend!

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