Trained By the Best

Once the weather got chilly, it was time to have Moon and Copper enjoy the comforts of being in the house.  Bringing in the feeding stations was the easy part because of having the partially finished basement which is readily accessible for them to go in and out as well as the location of their beds.

They do not sleep together.  They never have.  They've always had their own place so Moon chose the office while Copper opted for the corner of the hallway at the base of the stairs.  However....

Copper has always "done stairs" while Moon is reluctant and being nine, we do not force her.  She is very content when the Pres, Copper and I are in the great room watching TV.   A few nights ago, Copper missed the top step tumbling down the remaining stairs on all fours which scared me as much as him!  Now, I make sure he goes slowly walking next to him as he descends.  

Okay, forget the stairs...moving on to a whole new topic.

I noticed something interesting the other night.  Something that just seemed to pop out at me although it's been going on for years.  Copper got up from his sprawled out position, came close to me and stood...just stood there.  Sitting up I asked him, "do you want a drink or do you need to go outside?"  

Walking over and standing at the top of the stairs, he looked left toward the door leading to the garage then down the stairs, as f digesting what I said.  Then, he turned his head in the direction of the door leading to the garage.  That meant "out."

Yes, I have been trained by the best!
(or do you think I can read a dog's body language?)

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Bee Lady said…
Scary when that happens. Our airedale, who has since crossed over the bridge, used to always come upstairs and sleep in the hallway outside our bedroom. After a couple of times of her falling down those stairs like that, I put a baby gate up and would not let her upstairs again. Scared me to death. It's hard when dogs get old.

Cindy Bee
Anonymous said…
Neither....the dog has learned how to communicate his needs in a way you can understand.
gld said…
Your new header picture could be taken here! We have had snow on for several days now. I definitely new a new picture for my blog.

Sugar is staying in now too. When she wants out she comes to my chair and just looks at me.. Don't you wish they could talk!
diane said…
First, your new blog look is awesome! Woot-woot.
Now, poor pooch! Lucky he didn't get hurt!
Wiinter must feel so long for running out and just hanging in the back yard!
Stay toasty.
diane @ aug's blog
Betty said…
It took my 12 year old dog a few days to even attempt the steps in the new house. (We were in a one story house before.) Then she would come down the stairs directly behind me. A couple of times she almost knocked my legs out from under me. That's when I started encouraging her to walk next to me and not behind me. Now she runs up and down the steps without any hesitation. I sure hope she never falls. We do have a landing so she'd only fall half way at a time. Like you I'd be scared.

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