Turkey on Wheels

Although I am getting bored posting recipes, I can tell you that, thus far, I have sixteen varieties made and only ten more kinds to go!!!! Wooooooooooo!!!  In fact, this morning I am making Toffee Bars...yummy!

Anyway....hoping your Thanksgiving was as good as ours, I just have to tell you...

Mia needed someone to watch her the day after Thanksgiving and I, Nana, volunteered for duty.  Now, in order to do that, once my son asked me, the Pres and I had to cancel our invitation to the rest of the kids and their families. 

 Giving them three weeks notice so they could make other plans, it really was more stressful for me than them. Truthfully, his daughters and their families had been going to one of their SILs for years so it really wasn't that upsetting to their schedules. One of them usually came the day after and since I wasn't going to be around, the Pres said it would be too much work for him alone.  So, changing our invite resulted in my daughter and Angel doing a bird for themselves and company they had coming in to Newport the night before. They love to cook and they knew how much it meant to me to watch Mia so they were fine with the change. 

 And the Pres?  He said it would be a lot less work than us preparing to feed fifteen so "go for it" as far as babysitting went.  He is so flexible and easy going about things like that...:)

As Thanksgiving approached we had come up with a plan. Bringing a small fourteen pound turkey, the deep fryer and several side dishes and dessert to our son's, the Pres and I had "turkey on wheels" . We all enjoyed a great dinner and Mia had made...yes, at the age of almost five...broccoli casserole all by herself!!

The cutest thing was when my DIL asked Mia to say grace. Bowing our heads and folding our hands, the words "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands..." filled our ears.  My DIL was quick and said, "Mia, you know how to say grace. That's the Pledge of Allegience." After a little coaxing she finally gave in and said grace.  The remainder of our meal and dessert went smoothly and it was when my eyes were beginning to get heavy, the Pres said he was heading home to feed Moon and Copper.

After the Pres gave us all a kisses good-bye, I wanted to just put my jammie's on and relax. Yet my thoughts of relaxation were interrupted by...ding dong.

Darn! It was doorbell...they got company....so the pjs had to wait a few more hours. Believe me, talking to others was very nice yet when they left, I was ready to hit the sheets faster that you can read.....glad your Thanksgiving was as good as mine!

For these things and many, many more, I am thankful.


MadSnapper said…
I know you enjoyed Mia and she enjoyed you...
Inger said…
I say the same as Sandra above and also have to let you know I am in awe of your baking!!! Happy holiday season to you, dear JP.
gld said…
Glad things worked out. Sometimes it is difficult keeping all family members happy during the holidays.

Sounds like you are outdoing yourself on cookies this year!
MTWaggin said…
Hmm must be the most recent thing Mia has learned I bet! That story so made me smile!
EG CameraGirl said…
How cute that Mia began with the Pledge of Allegiance. I bet that was an honest mistake.
Sometimes a change in plans is a good thing and your holiday get together sounded great as well, JP. By the way, I also like fruitcake, but in small doses.
Sounds perfect. Pierce usually says grace and I never know what he will say.

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