Two Heads Are Better Than One

First one enters the thicket and the other follows.

Standing facing opposite directions reminds me of Moon and Copper who do the same thing when they lay down and I'm out in the yard.

Watching them from a distance we noticed that these two are always together which makes us wonder if it's the set of twins born last Spring now that their mother has told them to move on.

But we've decided in our old age that
two heads are better than one!

Hope you holiday was as wonderful as ours!!!

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Anonymous said…
They are lovely..and yes...we had a very nice day.
eileeninmd said…
They are cuties, I love seeing them! Have a happy day!
Mimsie said…
How beautiful and how fortunate you are to have them pay a visit.
Glad your festivities went well as did ours spent with our little family.
Anonymous said…
Delightful nature and snow photography ~ beautiful! ~ thanks, carol, xxx
Laura said…
How sweet, I love to see visitors in the woods behind our home. I do hope they found something good to eat with all that snow. Happy New Year:-)

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