A New Texture

It's called SNOW!



TexWisGirl said…
enjoy while it lasts!
We were hoping to get some, but as of 5 pm there is still none here, despite forecasts of 3-5 inches starting by noon.
Candy C. said…
It surely is pretty but I hope you guys don't get TOO much! Shoot, it's pushing 70 here today.
Ann said…
Hope you enjoy it more than I do....lol
And its been pretty snow here today in our corner of Virginia! Hope you've had a good day too!
MadSnapper said…
hope you dont get ALL that snow i see on the news. beautiful photo
Yes, snow....

But look at how comforting is that rocker and throw..... :-)

And you have captured snow falling! I'm having a hard time doing that, now. Years ago, I could. -moan-

Anonymous said…
Uncle! Uncle! I've had enough!

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