A Short Stack

With the bathroom door still closed, I heard the Pres loud and clear.

Breakfast is ready, Honey!

Yum!  A stack of five with two tiny ones on the side were waiting for me when I walked into the kitchen.  And I ate every last bite along with two sausage patties.  Although I eat too many, pancakes are one of my favorite breakfasts.

How about you?  What's your favorite breakfast?


Ann said…
if it's a breakfast food I love it. My favorite meal of the day. We frequently have breakfast for dinner. Love those cute little pancakes he put on the plate
Anonymous said…
Who cares if he can't use a computer....the man can make breakfast.
Willow said…
Yum waking up to pancakes , ready and waiting, would be divine !
TexWisGirl said…
butter and peanut butter on french bread.
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Beijos Marie.
Tiggeriffic said…
I like grits with two soft eggs and English Muffin and of course coffee..
Oh how marvelous that the Pres cooks.. I only wish..
When I have pancakes ~ I'm hungry 1 hour after I've eaten them.
Had a beautiful day today here in Iowa.. It's 31 degrees right now ~ it's 8:30
ta ta for now from Iowa:) I just love it when you make a comment on my blog.. You are so special~!
Angela said…
I hate to say it but I skip breakfast all the time. I don't care for cereal and I'm just plain old lazy to cook for one when everyone is at school and work. I did, however, make an omelet with mushrooms, onion, tomatoes and cheese this morning with toast and apple butter. It was very good! I do like pancakes too but don't make them enough. Those looked really good!
Mimsie said…
Unfortunately with us both being old and diabetic to boot our breakfast consists of various mixed cereals, low fat yoghurt and fruit of some kind. This morning it was raspberries and they were delicious. They don't grow in Perth so they are extra special when in our stores. I envy people who live in countries where raspberries grow wild and they can go out and gather them.
I do love pancake and now realise I've not had any for yonks so perhaps try to remedy that soon. Thanks for sharing your fabulous breakfast with us.
MadSnapper said…
on Sunday mornings Bob makes pancakes and i sit-here answering emails, and waiting for the sound of Pancakes are UP...

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