All In A Day

 Like so many others , Mother Nature turned our yard in a frozen tundra covered with about 8 inches of the white stuff by mid morning Friday.  And it was COLD!!!  While the sun still cast shadows from the treeline, the wind howled giving us temps hovering around -8. was COLD.

Can you tell?

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MadSnapper said…
i love both shots of the dogs, looking first one way and then the other just like book ends..
Ann said…
they're both sticking close to the house I see. I know Duke doesn't stay out for long when he goes out.
Cold here in PA too where we are visiting family and we are really enjoying the snow here!
Anonymous said…
nice pictures of your dogs, looks really cold with all the snow! ;-) We had temperatures in the low teens the last few days but no snow, I am afraid the snow is coming tonight!
Anonymous said…
We are getting rainy, sleety, icy precipitation today. It's just ugly.
Inger said…
I know it's cold, but I would still so love to see some of that white stuff again. Stay warm!
TexWisGirl said…
poor pups, still on guard. :)
From all the tracks in your yard, it looks like the dogs had some fun romping about in the fresh snow. They can be fun to watch as they play in the white stuff.

Thank you for bringing your canine friends to Sunlit Sunday.

Thecreativeme23 said…
Popping in from My Little Home and Garden - It's been cold in our part of Ontario this week as well...we got 8 inches of snow on New Year's Day and we are in the midst of getting another 6-8 today...Keep Warm!!

Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG
It does look cold and the dogs are sitting as spectators to what is happening in your yard.
Love looking out your window. It's cold here too. I really love your header photo!
Visiting from Sunlit Sunday.
Snap said…
I'll look out your window and let your dogs have the snow! I bet they don't stay out long. Happy New Year!
Anonymous said…
We are covered in snow and ice too, with more on the way today and overnight ... visiting from Sunlit Sunday
Pamela Gordon said…
It does look cold JP. I'm not enjoying this weather at all. Sticking close to the indoors when I can. Take care and have a good week. Pamela
Lorrie said…
Brrrr. It looks so cold in your photos. But it's pretty, too. Stay warm and cozy.
Shane Pollard said…
Great photos!
Your dogs look lovely checking out their territory and seeing who else has been visiting!
I'm sure they asked to be let in pretty quickly!
I'm visiting from Sunlit Sunday a little late.
Warm hugs and sending you a pocket full of sunbeams from sunny New Zealand!

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