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When we went to my SIL's a few weeks ago, one of the things she'd made was quiche and it was delicious.  Before we left, I asked Mary to give me her recipe for quiche.  Using primarily leftovers,I made one the other day.

  Looks good, right?

Filled with low fat cheeses like shredded Swiss, a tad of Cheddar (not Velveeta), Parmesan and Mozzarella, 1/3 cup of finely diced ham, and a small handful of diced leftover sauteed pepper and onions, it smelled heavenly when I took it out of the oven.  

I let you know how it tastes.
It was delicious...fluffy, moist and flavorful!

When was the last time you made a quiche?

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One more thing.  The Pres and I went to Walmart last week.

Does that look like a shortage to you?

To me, that shortage that was reported was just plain 


MadSnapper said…
NEVER is the answer to when is the last time i baked a Quiche and i can't remember the last time i ate one, maybe 15 years, in a restaurant of course.
i did not know there is a shortage.. do you mean of Velveeta?
Mary said…
I agree about the Velveeta "shortage". Hogwash. :)
Anonymous said…
Right now they are trying to scare us into stockpiling pork. It may just work.
Inger said…
I've never made a quiche, but I remember back in the 1980s, when we used to eat it a lot at lunch in Westwood Village, by the UCLA campus.
Candy C. said…
I LOVE quiche and would make it once a week if only I could get hubby to eat it! (sigh)
I actually think a Velveeta shortage would be a good thing! ;)
I wonder if I ever baked one!!!

But I'm sure it was yummmy.

Ann said…
not only have I never made a quiche I've never eaten one. Yours sounds good though.
I hadn't heard anything about a velveeta shortage
E. Beth. said…
i love quiches. yum!! the hubby loves them too. most (not all i'm guessing) men do not like or love quiche. ( :

i don't think that Velveeta is really cheese. sorry to all who love it. but i think it is totally gross. yuck!! i would rather die. i prefer real cheese.
Empty Nester said…
I make them more in the spring and summer than winter but I have one on the menu for next week! They are so yummy!
Rambling Woods said…
I love them... Hubby..not so much.... Michelle
When we had our larger garden and excess veggies, making a quiche was more frequent. Niw it's been over a year and whike we enjiy them, just never think to make one. Did you make yours with a crust or not?
Bee Lady said…
A shortage of Velveeta? Is it cheese...really? I don't think it is....and I have never made a quiche. I might try though. I got a quiche and a souffle' pan for a wedding gift from my first marriage, and can you believe I still have them and I don't think they've ever been used! Oh my....I just realized...I really am a hoarder! I'm not hoarding velveeta though!

Cindy Bee
Anonymous said…
I don't know if I've ever had a quiche. Maybe at a resturant. one of the local ones here has them on the menu everyday so maybe I'll have to try it next time we go.
Its been a while, and now I know I want to make one. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog hop. Big Hugs ♥ P.S.I saw shelves full of that cheesy stuff too.

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