Birthday # 66

Rolling over and stretching under the warm covers, I swallowed and didn't like what I felt. My throat was sore and I could feel pressure in my sinus'. During the night I tossed and turned because of a ear discomfort and I knew that my birthday plans would have to be postponed.  Damn!  Our date with my daughter and Angel for lunch in RI would have to be rescheduled until I was feeling better.

 Needless to say my birthday was spent in the comfort of our home with me dressed in socks, sweats and a nice warm shirt. Cuddling under the blanket as the "rice bag" relieved the congestion, I knew the sinus rinse I'd done earlier would be beneficial. Repeat rinses with the Netti pot in the coming days would have me on my feet in no time!
I hope.

Yes, it was a celebration delayed...but only delayed!

Making new plans for Thursday, Jan 2nd, would be a safe bet, we thought.

Fast forward to Thursday, the 2nd and guess what?

Yep...another delay.  It seems that I'm getting a belated birthday gift today...


What a nice gift...a warm house with Winter views and knowing that number 3 is the charmer!!...:)


eileeninmd said…
I am sorry you were not feeling well, I hope all is OK now.. You can finally celebrate your birthday, YEA!!

Enjoy the snow and stay warm.. Have a happy weekend!
Anonymous said…
Well Happy Belated Birthday. I'm glad you like your present of snow. Would you like mine as well? I can check on the postage if you like lol.
MadSnapper said…
sorry you are under the weather, but with the weather like it is, might be a good thing your birthday was postponed. happy birthday now and when ever you celebrate
Ann said…
sorry to hear you were sick. At least you were pleased with the gift of snow.

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