Blogging HELP

Can anybody out there tell me

 why some of the blogs I follow

 do not show up on FEEDLY

 and only on BLOGGER

and vice versa?


Anonymous said…
I wish I could help you but I'm clueless in Guelph lol.
TexWisGirl said…
if you have followed any using the 'follow this site' button (google friend connect) since you began using feedly, that doesn't add them to your feedly reader. they are separate products so you have to add them to feedly also. back in the day, google reader would pick up your 'blogs i follow' automatically, but feedly only picks those up if you initially loaded your reading list from google reader. then you have to add new ones individually.
Angela said…
I have no idea. I'm sure TexWisGirl knows more about it than I do.
MadSnapper said…
ditto what Tex says
Rain said…
Tex is everyone's guru!! She shares so wonderfully also!! Have you tried bloglovin- I love it!!

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