Didn't You Get the Text?

Ringing their doorbell, we really were not expecting to be greeted by Ariel.  But, we were.  Mia, clad in a beautiful turquoise costume with Ariel written on the front, opened the door.  Telling her how beautiful she looked, she twirled with delight across the living room and into the dining room.  Today we were celebrating her second fifth birthday.  She had had one for her friends and now it was the family's turn.

Since it was so close to Christmas, we would also be exchanging Christmas gifts while we were there.

She waited patiently as the food was removed from the table and replaced with a cake she selected at the store.

And once birthday cake was served it was time to open a gift or two, including one Christmas present.  She picked which one she wanted to open.

As she began opening the Christmas package and peeked inside, she saw clothes.  The look of excitement vanished from her face.  

Looking up at me, she said, "Nana, didn't you get the text message my Mommy sent?  She said she was sending everybody a message that toys are for Christmas..not clothes."

Trying not to laugh, I said, "No, Mia I didn't get that message."

Her Mom,smiling and blushing across the room replied, "I was supposed to send that text message, Mia but I forgot."


Anonymous said…
Our three year old grand daughter loves to get clothes.
Tiggeriffic said…
Out of the mouth of babes.. Isn't it something what children will say.. She is such a cutie and birthdays are so much fun at this age..
I think birthdays are hard to do when they are so close to Christmas. All looks good at your house~! Have a Blessed day~! Ta Ta For Now~! From freezing cold Iowa~!
I am sure she was very happy with what Nana bought her.
Toy's next time!
Such a sweet pretty little grandaughter JP. great to have your family.
Its getting colder her.. but not as cold as it is where you are.
best wishes...val x x
E. Beth. said…
little kids are too funny!! they make it all worth while. ( :
Inger said…
I so agree with Mia, you should know better. Toys are definitely for Christmas and not just when you are five.
Chatty Crone said…
She is a doll - so cute!
Ann said…
She sure is a cutie. Sounds like she had a nice birthday too
eileeninmd said…
Happy birthday to Mia! She is adorable!

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