Feed the Hungry

When the bitter cold winds hit us in January, we fed the hungry.
Judging by their size, the brood of turkeys I almost stepped on this summer are doing well.  They come in along the fence, flap their wings and then up and over the fence to get at the feeders in the wee morning hours. (I lightened these photos so you could see them more clearly.)

Through winds and driving snow, the Pres strategically placed corn around the perimeter of our fence to feed our locals who forage regularly. 

 Isn't it interesting how the fur of a deer repels snow?

Do you share a little extra with Nature's finest?


eileeninmd said…
Wow, you have some cool wildlife to feed. The birds, deer and the turkeys are all very happy that you are feeding them.. Great shots!
Anonymous said…
You're doing an amazing job looking after all those critters.
We have been feeding the cardinals, blue jays, juncos, sparrows, finches,tufted titmouse, and squirrels here...sadly no deer or turkeys, but enjiyed seeing yiurs, JP.
MadSnapper said…
those turkeys look really good... and i love the deer
Sad to say, we don't feed the birds, any more. We did for years. But the only place for a feeder, was off the patio. And the patio and steps to it, got icy in winter.

When we were young, we could handle the ice. When we got "olden," we couldn't any more. It was very sad, to have to stop. -sigh-

Enjoy your sharing!

Gentle hugs,
TexWisGirl said…
um, yeah. come see my post today. :)

love your turkeys. and your round ball cage feeder.
This is a great post JP.
What a treat to have wild turkeys in your back yard.
Also the deer. You are blessed to be able to feed them and give them a helping hand through the winter.
I didnt know that about deer. Their fur must be very resistant.
I really only have birds that come to visit. I put bread out for them.
We do have wild animals. Fox, wild boar,ferrets . High up in the northern hills , they have deer, wolves and Antelope.
We've always fed the local wildlife, although not as diverse a group as you have. Our kindness even extends to the indoor critters, we let the spiders be, much to the discomfort of visiting family members. :-)
E. Beth. said…
wow, the critters know where to find some good grub. i bet they put in the critter news. ha. ha!! i am on a roll today. ha. ha!! good times. ( :
Candy C. said…
I keep thinking I should get a bird feeder but I'm afraid I would juat be feeding my cats, Bert and Ernie!
I'm sure they are happy to have it.

Horse fur also repels snow :-)
Ann said…
You have a winter resort for the wildlife there. Looks like business is good :) I feel sorry for the birds and animals when it gets this cold
Lucky you to have a place with so many wildlife creatures to feed.
JM Illinois
Tiggeriffic said…
We have lots of pheasants here and flocks and flocks of birds.. They are really going through the food this winter. In the late evening just before dark the rabbits come..
Love your blog ~!
ta ta for now from Iowa:)
Anonymous said…
I guess it's like a bird repelling water.

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