Fun With Gift Cards

My wallet was too full.  Holding too many gift cards, I decided I would head to TJ Maxx even though it was several weeks after Christmas.  I made out like a bandit...:)


One 3.5 qt Cuisinart stainless sauce pan with lid

An adorable UGG Sheepskin hat lined with the softest fur

Several packs of fancy hangers...
(you know, the ones that can hold scarves and prevent clothes from slipping off)

and best of all...

A red, quilted, waterproof, fleece lined coat for "the boy"


And I didn't even use all the money!

So another day, when I'm bored I'll go on another shopping spree adding Victoria Secret and LL Bean to the TJ Maxx list.

Do you love gift cards as much as I do?

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Anonymous said…
I've never gotten any but I can imagine the fun of the 'free' shopping trip.
I do love gift cards. And I love TJ Maxx. I like to go there right after Christmas for running gear. They get in tons of high quality workout gear for New Years. Brands that are at the running store that I love - but at half the price! It's the best time to stock up :-)
MadSnapper said…
i like that red fleece lines jacket... is he turning his back because he is embarrassed ? that is a lot of gift cards and you did really good with them. the only gift card i would want is to Amazon. lots of things on their i want. I only shop Walmart and Amazon in case someone wants to send me a gift card.
Jeanne said…
What a fun shopping trip! Always alot of fun isn't it!
Candy C. said…
Wow, what a haul and the boy looks dashing in his red coat!
Ohhhhh look at that gorgeous red coat!!! Very spifffffy. :-)

Re: Your comment on my post... Thank you for commenting, with your views. Thank you for being so honest. I could hug you. :-)

Gentle hugs,
E. Beth. said…
i love gift cards. but who doesn't??!

you win the temp war. pooh ... it is 11 degrees now. ha. ha!! ( :
carol l mckenna said…
Wow! Great bargains ~ fun ~ lovely photo ~ thanks,

carol, xxx
TexWisGirl said…
a fashionable copper.
Nancy C said…
Shopping on someone else's dime is always enjoyable. :)
Ann said…
Yep, I love gift cards. They are always a perfect fit. You did good with yours.
I have one I haven't spent yet and then my husband and I have one for Cracker Barrel to use too.
Rambling Woods said…
I like a gift that somebody has picked out. I don't exchange or return.... I love the thought that went into it... Michelle
Anonymous said…
I like ones for Amazon or Barnes and Nobel as I love bookshopping and it's kind of an expensive hobby at times. My sister gave me one to Amazon so I stocked up my Kindle and my In Laws gave me a B&N card that I need to figure out a game plan for.
Angela said…
Gift cards can be fun! Sounds like you found some good deals.

I have been buying gift cards for food for my daughter to carry around when she is out with her boyfriend just in case they get hungry. I'd rather her have a gift card than money because my logical thinking is she might would buy shoes or clothes instead of food! lol
I think you gathered some wonderful goodies with your gift card. My favorite gift cards are for Barnes and Noble. I have one warming my wallet now and look forward to turning it into wonderful new books. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop . Big Hugs

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