Get With the Program

This morning, when the Pres came out into the great room, I handed him one of three remotes.  Holding the other two, and rifling through the drawer on "his" end table, I finally came across all the paperwork on the TV and our cable provider buried under hunting magazines, expired coupons and other paraphernalia.

"Here, you work that remote when I tell you to hit a certain command while I read the instructions," I said.

"What instructions?" he replied, sipping his orange juice and sitting in his chair.

"How to connect the TV to the internet.  I want to try Netflix," I said walking over to the laptop and powering it up.  It is here that I need to explain how the Pres is.  
  • He does not use a computer. 
  • He does not know how. 
  • He has no desire to learn how.
  • Good gravy, he doesn't even do online banking. 
  • He still mails bills with envelopes and stamps for heavens sake.  
Knowing that I was taking my life in my hands, I instructed him which arrow to push when it was time and when to press [Select].  Believe me, it was a painstakingly slow process, but when I saw the word SUCCESS, I knew the rainbow was close!  

And we have lift-off!

Shortly thereafter, he selected three movies for us to watch and he seemed to enjoy them!

Hallelujah!  Another small step for mankind...:)

So who is the real whiz in your hubby?...your kids????
Does your hubby use a computer as much as you?


Anonymous said…
Hubs never touches the computer...he just can't get the hang of turning it on lol.
Ann said…
I've been wanting to try Netflix too. My husband and I both use computers but he's the one I go to if I have a problem. Don't ask him to figure out his smart phone
Tiggeriffic said…
My hubby lives with the cavemen..He doesn't cook,clean, take care of children, NO COMPUTER skills, he has a amish phone..he knows how to answer and make a call.. and hang up.. LOL.....
I love Netflix love love it~! There are so many good movies to watch..T.V. just turns your brain to mush..
So glad you fiqured it out~! Bravo for You~!~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)
MadSnapper said…
our husbands are twins.... glad you got the TV connected. i wish ours had that, i would love to have netflix.

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