Guilt Free Chicken

Buying the Dodge Diesel after he retired, the Pres, like any other car owner, has made himself at home in it.  He has everything he needs in the huge console that folds down in between the driver and passenger seat.

And it's been good all these years until....

We were out doing a few errands one morning and the Pres wanted to get one of those fresh oven roasters from Stop and Shop.  Intentionally saving that stop for last, we pulled into Stop & Shop and he ran in.  They had just come out of the oven and he was first in line, which was a good thing because he has no patience for waiting.

There he was approaching the truck.  Meanwhile, I was trying to make additional room on the front seat for the packages we already had and thought it would be nice if I flipped up the console giving us more room.
It was a noble thought, don't you think?

NOT!  When I flipped up the console, little did I know that the lid was not snapped shut.  In the blink of an eye, the Pres' life went flying all over the back seat and floor...just about everything with the exception of the coins in the coin holder!  Watching me scramble to grab things and shove them back, he said, "Don't worry, Honey, I can't find anything in there anyway."

Whew!  Now I could enjoy that roasted to perfection chicken without feeling guilty!


Nancy C said…
You would not believe what the inside of Shane's truck looks like. Incredible.
Looks like mine I have some fishing line and lures in there and I have not went fishing in six years now that is bad eh I better get to that. Nice easy meal. B
Anonymous said…
Looks a bit like the inside of the kitchen junk drawer.
I tried so hard to comment on your paracord post yesterday and it would not go through! Pierce likes to wear those.

I like your new blog look.

Nope, no news about Scooter :-(
gld said…
That looks like our console!

You need to trade that one in for an extended or crew cab. We drive the truck all the time so that's what we got.
MadSnapper said…
both our consoles have all the what if i need this stuff in it...glad it was a guiltless error...

The Pres. is a wonderful man!!! An understanding man.

The Pres. is a wonderful man!!! An understanding man.
Mimsie said…
Seems you unknowingly did the Pres a favour. Now he can go through all his possession and pop them back so he will in future know what's in there.
Hope you enjoyed that chicken. You deserved to.
Just to let you know, I went to that link yesterday and we ordered 5 of those bracelets. I am a worrier and my kids and their spouses laugh and roll their eyes a lot about the things I imagine and then worry about. These seemed to be the perfect answer to my worrying. What mishap can't be addressed when wearing one of these????? Thanks so much for the link!!!!!
Ann said…
My ex husband used to have anything and everything in his truck and I vowed that my vehicle would never be like that. The only thing I keep in my console is the charger for my phone. I wish I could be as neat in the house as I am in the
Candy C. said…
Looks like the console in my hubbys truck! He swears he CAN find things though but I'm not so sure. ;)
Anonymous said…
I can never find anything in my car. period.

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