Listening to Hope

As you remember, Sis received her sixth chemo this past Friday. In order for you to understand my excitement and hers, I have to share a few things about past treatments.
Usually, just as she was forewarned, the chemo would "hit" her after a 72 hour window.

 Receiving her chemo on Fridays, typically by Sunday afternoons, she was feeling extremely cold, achy sometimes nauseous and very, very weak. After each infusion, this was pretty much the case with some "post chemos" being worse than others. By day four or five following the infusions, she was typically up and on her feet but moving slowly.

Then with session five, while in the midst of "post chemo," and told she was severely dehydrated, she had to be admitted to the hospital where she received blood transfusions along with medication to boost her WBC ( white blood count).

Last Friday, she drove herself to and from chemo. When Sunday came...when that 72 hour window opened, there was a little loss of energy, a little achy and yes, chills but nothing like what had been the "norm" for her.

In speaking with her this afternoon, her doctor had ordered IVs delivered to her home to prevent the severe dehydration that caused her hospitalization in December. She was instructed to drink a gallon of water plus her other fluids something she was not doing all along.

Arriving as planned, the nurse from Home healthcare "hung her up" pumping fluids in via her port for four hours. She will receive several more IVs over this post chemo week as they are scheduled every other day.

Beaming with pride and with tears in my eyes, I have to tell you...she sounded wonderful today...absolutely wonderful! Yes, with all your warm, kind thoughts and heartfelt wishes, hope was heard.

A sincere, thank you.


Chatty Crone said…
A woman of courage for sure - so tell me - is this hopefully her last?
Mimsie said…
That is wonderful new and renewed hope indeed. More positive thoughts flying to your sister and to you as well. Good start to the new year for all of you.
Dear JP. Your sister is brave.. I feel through your words she is strong. She continues in my prayers. I was thinking of her the other day..Mr.M's C. was what they call galloping came quickly and he went quickly.
Hope and faith and your love as her sister.. giving her support.
friends and family.
It was great to read that she is a little better..
sending you love.. stay strong for her.
val x x x x x
eileeninmd said…
I am so happy for your sister and you, what a relief. Enjoy you day and week ahead!
MadSnapper said…
happy dance... this is great news...
Anonymous said…
Thank God it's over. Now she can start building up her strength again. I think it makes such a difference for patients when they are surrounded by family love and she most definitely has a strong support system in you.
Betty said…
Part of it might be because she doesn't have to dread going for the next treatment. I think it must be such a relief to be done because you know it's uphill all the way now. No more feeling a little better and then back for another treatment and feeling awful again. Hopefully, this is it! No more chemo...ever again.
Ann said…
That is awesome. Best thing I've heard all day
So glad to hear she is doing well!
Rambling Woods said…
Oh lovely that she is at the end.... Michelle
Oh, I'm so glad they're heading off the dreaded post-chemo effects. I'm hoping that this will be the end of her treatment for this devil disease. Hugs for you and Sis.
Nancy said…
I hope she continues to improve!
Tiggeriffic said…
Praying for you and your sister.. Chemo is not fun~! Never had it and don't want it.. I've been around enough people that have had it and they are very brave.. Now that she is on her last chemo~ Victory will come and she will be walking on the trails with you...
Have a blessed day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)

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