Random 5 Friday

After Sis' hospital stay, her doctor wanted to be sure she wouldn't get dehydrated from her final chemo.  Arrangements were made with Home Health Care to deliver an IV pole and fluids to her every other day for four treatments.

By her fourth IV fluid bag, she was feeling good.  And by good, I mean stronger, more energetic.  Sis goes to her doctor today to find out the results of her recent blood-work and what is next...thoughts and prayers, Sis!  (Just got off the phone with Sis...wbc down a tad, but just a tad; all other numbers look good!!!)  CT Scan scheduled for late Feb...praying

Sis and I have learned a lot through this.  Did you know that dehydration can cause lightheadedness, electrolyte imbalance, low blood flow, impacting oxygen levels carried in the bloodstream, lack of energy and increased heart rate? 

During chemo and listening to the doctor, she tried to take in a gallon of water daily.  That's a lot of water, said the Pres, which is how our discussion of water drinking began.  

I am a big water drinker...always have been...while the Pres is not.  
Opposites attract, I guess.

  How about you? Are you a big water drinker?


MadSnapper said…
yes, we are both water drinkers, that is all we drink at home except for when we eat pizza once a month, then we have diet soda with it. we both like water which helps with the drinking what we need to drink... when i say all we drink, i forgot the morning coffee. we drink water with every meal and in between.. it is harder to drink when it is cold.
yes i drink lots water
however I have drank lots hot tea and coffee this winter since we have had such cold winter
Anonymous said…
I drink lots but the hubs not so much. I get headaches if I don't drink enough. It's the first thing I do when I get up (well, after a trip to the bathroom of course). So glad she is starting to regain her strength already. Fingers crossed for continuing improvement.
Ann said…
I try to drink more water because I know what a difference it can make but I don't do so good most of the time.
Glad your sister is feeling better and that the doctor did know best!! :-)

I don't drink enough water--And it should be easy too because we have well water, which is really pretty good!
Rambling Woods said…
No, I need to drink more....hoping you get good news
No, I'm not and I must try to remedy that to stave off some of those symptoms. I'll be hoping for good news come February. Stay warm!!!
I hope your sister will continue to feel stronger. I don't drink enough water--I know that. I drink too much Diet Pepsi. But in the past, when I drank more water, I did feel mor energy. Sounds like I need to start up again!
Mimsie said…
Great news about your sister and let's hope that WBC will be on the rise in her next tests.
Dehydration is talked about a lot in Australia because of the very high temperatures we experience during summer. All the side effects of being dehydrated were published recently and reiterate what you have shown above. It also said when you stop feeling thirsty that is when you should drink as the brain, once the body is dehydrated (for some reason) shuts down the sense that tells us we are thirsty.
We had temps of 44º and 40ºC last weekend and are beginning a mini-heatwave today with temps averaging 95ºF (I never know whether to quote fahrenheit or centigrade these days). Our friends in the south-east of Australia have had horrendous heatwaves with a week of temps above 40ºC (104ºF). This is of course why we are constantly issued with warnings about drinking plenty of water. I drink a resonable amount but my hubby resists it like the plague even when I know he should drink water if he's been doing physical work outside when it's hot. We do not drink cool drinks (sodas).
My very best wishes to your sister and yourself of course.
Candy C. said…
Sending lots of good thoughts for your sister!
I try to drink lots of water and can really tell when I'm not.
Chatty Crone said…
Well I think at least just for the day she can celebrate. I wish she could have some peace for just a little while. sandie

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